Friday, June 26, 2015

Are You Successful? - A new post by Sherri Sand

How do we define success? 
Do the things we value carry the same weight in God’s kingdom? 
It’s easy for us to look at someone’s house, car or clothing labels to determine whether they are “successful.” But are those things truly worthy of our priority list? Do they satisfy our souls’ needs for love and connection? Or do they feed a mindset that believes that if we have what others want then we’ve made it? 
When we believe the achievements (i.e. higher education, large salary, the right neighborhood) the world brands as critical for success will bring the satisfaction our soul craves, we enter a race with no clear winners. We are running after an unattainable goal, one that will never truly satisfy. Sure, there is the initial euphoria when we receive recognition for our achievements or a pay raise, but when the excitement wanes we are left restless and craving more. 
More clothes. 
More money. 
More attention. 
God has no issue with education, money or living in a desirable neighborhood, but they also hold no value for Him. Not in the way they do for us. He desires for us to choose the greater things: loving Him and loving people (Luke 10:27, Matt. 6:33). He knows that when we desire what the world dangles in front of us, we will miss the greater things of love and relationships which will truly satisfy the craving of our souls. 
When we release our expectations and step deeper into God’s embrace, we’ll find the freedom and connection our hearts long for - through God and through people. 

Sherri Sand is an author and speaker. Her unique perspective unlocks truths and biblical mysteries to bring hope to the hurting and peace to the stressed. She desires to lead people into a deeper relationship with God, where living as victorious overcomers becomes the norm rather than an elusive desire. To read her blog and discover more about living in spiritual wholeness and about Sherri’s novel, Leave it to Chance, visit her web site.

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