Monday, March 2, 2009

A Word from one of our sponsors...

February 26, 2009

Dear Friend,

My name is Alan Scott, and I am the Lead Pastor at Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, Georgia. A few months ago, I was able to connect with Shelley Hendrix and a few of the great people from Church 4 Chicks. In that initial meeting, I could see the vision and heart Shelley had for ministering to women and digging into the Word.

I was so impressed, I offered the use of our facility at CCC for Shelley and the birthing of her dynamic ministry. Additionally, the women of Cumberland also jumped on the Church 4 Chicks band wagon as a great and needed supplement to our women’s ministry.

As a result, Church 4 Chicks was born and approximately 100+ ladies are now enjoying community, worship, and Bible, expository teaching in a setting that values and elevates women.

I would challenge you to offer Church 4 Chicks to the women of your church. If you already have a women’s ministry, I believe this could be an excellent boost or supplement to what you are already doing. If the women of your church currently don’t gather for a focused time together, I definitely think you should check Shelley and Church 4 Chicks out. Maybe you could send a small contingency of your women to a Tuesday night gathering of Church 4 Chicks, and then evaluate the possibilities.

AND… just so you know. Shelley is not a member of Cumberland and this is NOT a Cumberland thing. However, I do really believe what I’m writing, and to prove this you should know I’ve had Shelley speak at CCC on two previous Sunday mornings. She did an outstanding job! Shelley is a gifted and engaging teacher.

Listen, I know you get a lot of mail across your desk and the events and opportunities seem endless. If the women in your church are fine and well taken care of, I think you can toss this letter in the pile with all the other junk. But… if the women in your church need a boost, and you’d like for them to feel extremely valued … you should take the time to investigate Church 4 Chicks.


Alan Scott

Lead Pastor – Cumberland Community Church

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