Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Fall Series Update

Hello Chicks!

Well, school is back in full swing for those of us in the Metro-Atlanta area and with that comes a lot of mixed emotions for most of us. We wanted to give the moms who attend and serve at C4C a little grace period before beginning our fall series:

Our new series will be called "Wisdom: A Girl's Best Friend" because we've been taught and have embraced the world's way (i.e. "diamonds are a girl's best friend") for far too long! Our deepest needs will never been met by "diamonds"--and so we'll look at what we've determined are the diamonds in our lives: is that a husband, a certain job, a larger income, or some other 'stuff'? And then we'll see what the Lover and Creator of our souls has said will truly meet our needs. Attaining wisdom is not for a select few--it's available to us ALL!

I'm really looking forward to searching the Scriptures for wisdom with each of you and with your friends that you bring on Tuesdays to Church 4 Chicks this fall, beginning on September 29th. Jeff Chandler, a new and very talented recording artist, will be leading worship that evening. You don't want to miss!

Please pray for your leaders and volunteers as we prepare for our best season of C4C yet! We will be headed to the mountains next weekend for a planning and prayer retreat, and would love to know our friends back home are praying WISDOM over us. Thank you in advance!

From a Chick who LOVES Jesus and Loves YOU!


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  1. This is going to be SUCH a fun weekend!! Hanging out with the Church 4 Chicks Leaders and volunteers...if you're interested in joining us for our next fun leaders/volunteers only event, put September 15th on your calendar and let us know you're interested and we'll send you the info! Email us at



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