Monday, February 22, 2010

So much to do!!!

Hey girls!

Your C4C Leadership Team is busy, busy, busy getting prepared for YOU and your friends and we cannot wait to see you again!! This winter has gone by fast, but it still seems like forever since we've had a chance to hug your necks and find out how you're doing. I can't wait to get to do this again!!

It's going to be our best season yet--I'm totally convinced of this. Each season grows us closer to one another as we grow closer to our heavenly Father and we learn more about what God wants Church 4 Chicks to look like.

Make sure you do not miss our very first night with the Real Housewives of Third Day!! (Scroll down to see the full post with all the 411!) We'll be meeting at Cumberland Community Church at 6:30 p.m. on MARCH 23 and will meet for 8 Consecutive Tuesday evenings.

Also, don't forget to post YOUR questions to the 3rd Day wives by clicking "comments" below and following the directions. We want to hear from you so that when we have our panel discussion with the ladies, we'll know what questions you have for them. :-)


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