Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 13 Recap

Last night was one of those sweet, tender times when the Spirit of God offers us the greatest gift: His Presence! As Nancy Tucker led us in worship, with songs reminding us of God's love and God's grace as He walks with us in the darkest times of our lives, I know my soul was ministered to in a fresh and powerful way.

I heard from several of you how much the Scripture and topic ministered to you, and I just want you to know that I don't think anyone in the room was more ministered to than the teacher! I personally needed to be encouraged and reminded that God is working, "Little by Little," even in the places where I've asked Him to move quickly and powerfully! I am so thankful that He has the whole picture and that He has such incredible "peripheral vision" that makes Him the one to decide when and how to take action.

As we trust God with whatever level of faith we have today, making right choices and taking steps, "Little by Little," we'll begin to see real progress and begin to enjoy greater victories. Faith is like a muscle, and if it doesn't get any exercise, it loses its power. But, when you choose to take, even small steps, in using that 'muscle' you'll begin to gain strength and walk in greater power and victory in your life.

So, what steps has God called you to make? What "Little" steps are you willing to begin making beginning today? It could be as simple as refusing to put it off until tomorrow! :-)

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  1. When i was invited to attend last Tuesday's meeting, my first inclination was to refuse, making excuses of work, home, etc. But, I made no excuse, came, and received such beautiful blessings. Shelly, I can't begin to tell you how my life has been enhanced since meeting you. Your message encouraged me to stop, realize what was truly important in my life,and begin my journey step by step.
    Thank you so much..Shayne


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