Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Series began with a GREAT Kick-off!

As we say in the south, “Happy Fall Y’all!” This is such a wonderful time of the year…the temperatures are cooling, but haven’t gotten bitterly cold yet. I love it! And I LOVE meeting on Tuesday nights at Church 4 Chicks!

We had an incredible kick-off on the 28th! We heard from so many who said it was the best one yet. We are so grateful to everyone who came out, prayed, and supported such a positive event. 

As we move forward, we are really looking forward to a special evening on October 5th. We hope you’ll be there to worship along with Antonia Lawrence. ( She has shared the platform with Babbie Mason, Israel Houghton and many others. She has an amazing gift and we are so honored to have her at C4C to lead us in worship. 

We’ll also enjoy the dance ministry of a local teen, Molly Majewski. You won’t want to miss this beautiful form of worship!

Remember, C4C is a place of grace for women of ALL ages—from teens on up! It is exciting to see more teenagers coming with their mothers and grandmothers. What a blessing!

There is a Bible Study that goes along with the teaching series, and if you haven’t had a chance to get your free copy of Chapter 1, please email us at and we’ll be delighted to send you a PDF so you can study along with us. 

Have a great weekend, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

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