Wednesday, November 17, 2010

C4C's 5th's a wrap!

My niece, Mattie, with our "CARE-ing Christmas" ministry offerings. What a great response we had! Thank you all for your donations to help needy families this Holiday Season!
I'm sitting here thinking about the fact that our Fall 2010 series is a part of history---already!! It went by SO fast!! It's hard to sum up what this series and what the season itself was like. It's one of those, "you had to be there," kind of experiences. It seems to happen every time: I plan to pour myself out to others and inspire them to trust God more, to rest in His grace, and to take the sometimes scary steps of total surrender; and as I do, I'm challenged myself in the very areas where I'm leading.

I've heard from several of you how much this series meant to you, and I want to thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I wish I could take each of you out to lunch or at least out for coffee to say a proper thank you, but please allow this post to penetrate your heart with the sincerest gratitude from my own. I couldn't keep taking these steps without you. And I certainly wouldn't want to.

Thank you for your prayers, your participation, and for several of you, your ministry as a volunteer. You bless me so much!! I'll miss you as we take this break, and thank you in advance for your prayers for wisdom for me as I seek God's direction for the future of C4C.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This chick is thankful for Y.O.U!


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