Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is C4C all about anyway?

I get asked all the time, "So, what exactly is Church 4 Chicks?" I can see how people might wonder about a Church that is exclusive to "chicks!" When C4C began, we actually called the ministry "The Atlanta Encounter," which is still kind of the official name. The challenge was that what we sensed God leading us to do was something different than anything any of us have experienced. The ministry wasn't "merely" a Bible Study (as in women sitting in groups of circles watching videos and having discussion); it wasn't "just" community service; or a worship service.

The vision God put in our hearts was of a place of Grace where women of all ages and backgrounds and churches-- and even those who don't attend church -- could come and worship together, grow in their relationship with God, and be actively involved in their community. Beyond that, we really didn't know what we were getting involved in!

To describe the ministry vision, I said, "Basically, it'll be 'church,' but just for 'chicks.' A place of grace for women where they can experience 'church', i.e. a place where strangers are welcome, in a non-threatening, women only, environment." Well, as our brief history reflects, "Church 4 Chicks" stuck.

As we've experienced many ups and many downs, God has continued His faithfulness to us in so many ways. He has clarified our purpose; increased our influence; and pruned us--even to the point of many tears! His work in us and through us is far from over, but we are at a place of renewed excitement for this vision of creating and cultivating environments of grace for women of all ages. One of the greatest joys is seeing women, from teenage girls up to great-grandmothers, doing life together. I know of no other on-going ministry opportunity for my teenage girls, myself, and my mother to meet together on a regular basis. It's been a huge blessing that my girls have these amazing women speaking into their lives!

Here is what just one of our C4C attendees had to say about what C4C means to her:

"I love Church 4 Chicks! The first Tuesday night that I came, I was really nervous. I came with Ida Adkins and all the people that I met that night were soo friendly and very sweet and encouraging. During one of the worship songs, there was a time of meet and greet and that was when I first met Shelley! She was soo warm and kind! ...Shelley shared her heart each week, not only in her teaching but in a weekly Bible study that she prepared that went along with the lessons ... Reading about how God was working in Shelley's life and heart, how He provided and just how He loves her and loves us, just met me where I was at and really encouraged my heart. At the time I was really struggling with trusting God and letting go of my dreams and trusting that what He had and has for me is soo much better than what I can dream for myself. I also loved just getting to talk to Shelley and her daughters, Macey and Amelia, after the teaching. They are all beautiful ladies who have beautiful hearts and spirits. I encourage you to bring your friends to Church 4 Chicks. It's a place for women of all ages and all stages of life. You will be ministered to and soo richly encouraged in the Lord! I know that you will be blessed!~Amy F."

If you are interested in finding out more about C4C and how you, too, can become part of our little ministry family by supporting, praying for us, or even starting your own chapter of C4C in your area, we'd love to hear from you! The best way to connect with us is via email at and someone will get back to you ASAP. You can contribute to our financial needs online at and clicking on the donate page. At this point, ALL of us who are involved with C4C do so voluntarily, so every penny given and every dollar used to purchase materials we offer go directly into building a ministry of grace for women everywhere. We thank you in advance for helping us accomplish this through your generous donations and prayer support!

Because He First Loved me,

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