Thursday, February 3, 2011

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I am writing to you because we at Church 4 Chicks have a very exciting opportunity to share with you. As God continues to increase our territory, not only here in the Atlanta area, but also--increasingly--around the US and even into parts of Europe as we hear from more and more people interested in this unique ministry, we sense that we truly are just getting started! If you aren't yet familiar with C4C, we are a non-profit organization with the purpose of creating and cultivating environments of grace for women of all ages. We mean ALL ages--this is the only on-going, intentional ministry environment we know of that is bringing the generations together! We have been meeting in various locations since the fall of 2008 and currently meet at Piedmont Church in Marietta, GA thanks to the hospitality of that wonderful congregation and their Pastor, Dr. Ike Reighard.
I wanted to let you know that for the first time, we are inviting individuals and organizations to join hands with us by becoming sponsors of our individual ministry seasons. At this time, we are seeking sponsors for our Spring 2011 season which will meet each Tuesday evening from March 8-May 3. We at C4C are all about the "win-win!" We want your sponsorship to be a blessing to you and your organization as well, so we have developed a sponsorship system that makes it possible for any and everyone to participate in some way.

This information is listed below to make it easy for you to view and prayerfully consider your organization's level of sponsorship. We are more excited than ever before about what is happening at C4C! As you join hands with us, you are making it possible to reach women--from teens to great grandmothers and every where in between--with the good news of Jesus Christ and the message that their lives matter!

 Because He First Loved me,

  Shelley Hendrix
  Founder and Teacher of Church 4 Chicks, Inc.

Sponsorship Levels:

For $50 donation:
Name of individual/business/church/ministry & contact info will be displayed on our weekly screen announcements

For $100 donation:
All of the above will be included in the above PLUS mention of business name in our “Chick Notes” (printed materials) each week

For $250-$499 donation:
All of the above plus your organization’s name will be included on back of spring t-shirts and name of organization and link shown on our C4C website

For $500+ donation:
All of the above plus LOGO included on spring t-shirts, name and logo with link to your organization on our C4C website

Please let us know by 2/15/11 if you would like to become a sponsor of our Spring Series. If you prefer to donate goods/services in lieu of a financial contribution, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to discuss this. We are always looking for great door prizes and other services as well.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request!

Shelley Hendrix and the Church 4 Chicks, inc Team

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