Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope Series Happening NOW at Church 4 Chicks!

You can find Part 1 and 2 NOW on our website. Click here to go to our Media Page!
(Part 3 will be up SOON, so check back!)
"This Chick has HIGH HOPES!" You can follow along with our Study Guide/Workbook . Click here for more info and/or to purchase.
You can also wear your adorable C4C shirt to share that you're a chick who's hanging on to  HOPE! (Click the link above or go to our online store to get ordering info.)

We are having an amazing time together as we immerse ourselves in the power of Hope. It's not too late to come along for the journey with us! 

Visit for all the Videos and for info on our dates, locations, and times.
You can jump in at any time and we make every effort to make sure that you won't feel the least bit "lost" when you do. Our weekly events are a part of a great series and so you'll definitely get the most out of it by attending each week, but we understand that sometimes life doesn't always work out like we plan. With this in mind, each message is one that "stands alone" within the series.

Join us for a little, a lot, or for the whole thing!

You are always welcome at Church 4 Chicks!!

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