Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From one of our C4C Chicks

A year ago, when I first attended Church 4 Chicks, I was looking for a 
Bible study for the ladies in our church to attend.  What I found 
at Church 4 Chicks was so much more than just a Bible study!  I found a 
place where I could worship God in a real way with awesome 
women who had hearts for God.  One of the things that C4C strives to do 
is cultivate environments of grace.  Grace took on a 
totally new meaning for me as I saw it lived out by the women at C4C.  I 
spent all of my life in church and yet somehow I missed learning 
how to give and receive grace.

There were some struggles going on in my life at the time that I was 
unable to share with most people and C4C became a safe place for me.  
Many times during the incredible music, tears would just flow down my 
cheeks as I was able to sing praises to the One who heals and comforts - 
all without feeling judged or condemned by those around me.  As the
leader of C4C Shelley Hendrix spoke, she ministered to my heart with 
incredible words of wisdom delivered with a spirit of grace and an 
openness that I have not found in many places in church.  Feeling loved 
and accepted is one of the things that I love most at Church 4 Chicks. 

Another thing that I enjoy is that there are women of all ages. This 
past year, my 10 year old niece came with me and she loved being a part 
of it.  What a privilege to worship and learn with teenagers, 
grandmothers, new moms, college kids, seasoned moms, etc.!      

If you are looking for true biblical teaching, a place where you can be 
yourself, and a desire to grow in grace, you need to check out 
Church 4 Chicks.  I know that I have been forever 
changed because of it.  

Ida Adkins  

From Shelley: 

Dear Ida,

Thank you for sharing this testimony and for allowing us to pass it along. We are so delighted to have you with us as we continue to work hard and pray hard in our vision of creating and cultivating environments of grace for women of all ages. 

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