Friday, January 6, 2012

#SHINE in 2012!

SHINE in 2012
by Shandel Slaten

Each year I take time to reflect and plan for the New Year. This year finds me in Las Vegas where I have a view of the city and let’s just say SHINE is an under statement! At night, the place becomes magical all because of the lights.  Truth is, if there were to be a power outage it would simply be a miserable desert.

Now that the holidays are over, its time to put away the Christmas lights, candles, and sparkly decorations that symbolize to us the LIGHT of the World’s birthday. They remind us that our hearts were dark and hopeless until He appeared and our soul, stunned by His glory, felt its worth. It is Jesus that brought light to our hearts and saved them.  Subsequently, the radiance of Christ’s glory is so majestic it shines through us and lights up the world.

You see, dear sisters, when we allow Jesus to shine through us we attract other dark souls to His healing light. When we are in community together we maximize our impact by providing a city of refuge for the needy dark heart. We become a stream in the desert and a beacon of hope to the hurting.

With that said, the Life Coach in me needs to provide an opportunity for action. What are some things we can do to prepare our hearts to be image bearers of the King of Kings?
Here are 5 things S.H.I.N.E. ways to challenge your heart in 2012

Simplify Everything – Seriously. Look at your commitments, every room in your house, and your entire life.  What is cluttering your life and keeping you so preoccupied that you don't shine? Most of us are so scattered we’re not sure where we would shine if we could.  Let there light! At least, let there be room and air for that light to shine through you. 

Have boundaries – We all say YES to too many things so we end up saying NO the most important things. Learn to say NO so you can say YES to…

Intimacy with Jesus – #1objective! Create the time. Guard the time. It takes time to hear from the lover of your soul. You will have to say NO to many things so you can have time for HIM.

No Fear – Say no to the fear of man and yes to fearing God alone.

Encourage Your Sisters – Be an encourager with your words and actions.

We all need to be encouraged. We were all created with unique purposes and we need to encourage each other to be authentic, be who God designed us to be. The fascinating part of this Las Vegas light scene is noticing all the different types of lights: strobe lights, soft lights, spot lights, twinkle lights, warning lights and street lights. We too are fascinating lights that shine in our own unique way in the darkness of this world. 

Let Your Light Shine, Chicks. He has a beautiful and wonderful plan for you in 2012!

Shandel Slaten is an executive coach with a proven track record of assisting business owners and professionals realize their personal and professional goals. She is a national speaker and the author of Clarity: Focusing on What Matters as well as the lead female teacher at Mars Hill Church in Downtown Seattle. You can follow her blog or the Ask Shandel podcast. Catch her  musing on twitter and facebook.

Shandel Slaten, MCC

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