Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Church 4 Chicks?

Ask women what they feel today and you'll hear a variety of answers, and if they feel comfortable enough to say it like it really is, most of those answers will reveal that underneath it all, we feel pressure.

Women today feel this more than ever before.

We feel guilty for being too much of one thing and not enough of another. We feel guarded around others because life experience tells us we can’t really trust. We’ve felt the sting of rejection when we don’t measure up to someone else’s expectations or standards. We feel pulled in all kinds of directions.

 At C4C, we offer women a safe place that is FREE from all of those pressures.

C4C will help you:

...Escape the pressure of trying to measure up to unrealistic standards.

…Enjoy deeper, unguarded relationships with women of all ages

…Live fully in your own skin as you embrace your incredible value and worth

…Drop the shackles of past wounds and false beliefs that have kept you from your unique destiny

…Pass along this contagious freedom to others 

At C4C, it our passion to create and cultivate these kinds of environments of grace for women of all ages. C4C is a come-as-you-are environment where you are free to be you. Just as you are. A place where you can breathe deeply and connect unreservedly with others.  A place where you get to be something amazing...YOU!

We invite you to experience this for yourself at one of our live events. For more info, visit our events page and our connect page.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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