Friday, October 5, 2012

SOLID P.E.A.C.E. in a sHaKy World! #Peace4Chicks

         I was absolutely scared out of my wits. All I remember about that moment was the instinct to RUN! So that is what I did. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn't even realize at the time that I was also stopping bystanders in their tracks with my blood-curdling screams. I didn't know I was screaming. I knew I was being chased and I knew I wouldn't stop running until I found a safe place where the man chasing me couldn't hurt me. In my own memory banks, this moment in time looks like something out of a movie. All I can see is what is before me and how far I have yet to run. All around me is a blur—as though time stopped in all respects except for this chase.
As soon as I got to my safe place, I felt PEACE immediately because I trusted in the one I was running to this whole time. And when the mall security officer caught his breath, he looked at my mom with a helpless expression and said, “All I was trying to do was to tell her not to run.” But in my 3 or 4 year old mind, I was being chased, and there was only one place to find safety: in the arms of my mother.
Peace. We all long for more of it, don’t we? We hear the word and there’s an internal response. With this in mind, take a moment to write down your own thoughts on Peace:
How would you define peace? (What is it?)

How would you describe peace? (How does it feel? What does it ‘look’ like?)

Where do you find yourself on the “Peace o Meter?”

I wouldn’t know Peace if I bumped into it at the Mall                          I could use some Peace                       If I were more peaceful, I’d be a liquid

In our study time together over these next 5 segments, we’re going to invest in our own Peace Factor by studying the best example of One who understood and lived out the Peace that passes all understanding. We’re going to spend some time with the Prince of Peace as we study the life and times of the Prince of Peace. I mean, who would know better how to hold onto His peace than the One who invented it and holds within Himself that very quality? Right?

Read: Luke 2:40-52
In this short passage, we get to read the only biblical reference to what Jesus was like as a child and adolescent. I am confident the Holy Spirit spoke to you as you read these verses. Take just a moment to jot down anything that came to your mind as you read the Scripture passage:

Luke 2:40 describes Jesus in some pretty specific ways. Write down those descriptions here:

We can see in just these three verses that this was a family dedicated to God and to each other. Jesus was growing physically and spiritually under the guidance of his earthly parents. The Amplified Bible says that “the Child became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of God was upon Him.”  Jesus on earth revealed to all of us what God in the flesh looks like. This is key to understanding our position in Christ so that we can begin to practice our position in Christ...

This is an excerpt out of the newest study guide that accompanies our newest series, "Solid PEACE in a Shaky World." We would LOVE for you to join us for this series if you're in the Atlanta, GA area. We have two locations on two nights each week to serve you. Not local? We have an option for you as well. You can find our teaching videos online each week after they've been recorded on site and you can purchase your copy of the study guide online as well. (The above article is only a portion of the Week One study section.) Please visit us at for all the info!

Real Peace? It REALLY is possible!

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