Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Really, it's Raining Today?

Really, it’s Raining Today?

by Deborah Lenderman, Operating Director for C4C

I Peter 5:10:  And after you suffer for a short time, God, Who gives all grace, will make everything right.  He will make you strong and support you and keep you from falling, He called you to share in His glory in Christ and a glory that will continue forever.

I will remember the day my son (Garrett) was getting his senior pictures taken.  He was not a fan of dressing up or sitting still for any length of time for a professional picture.   Now, he will goof off and make funny faces all day long for a camera, if it will bring a laugh.   However, this was the day to capture a picture, reflecting that moment in life where the first significant change in his life starts taking place. 
He stepped outside only to moan, turning his head “Really, mom, it’s raining today? UGH!”  Off he goes!
 A major change is coming; Garrett will be moving out of our home to a new environment, new people,  new influences and unprotected by our watch.  He has never been on his own before.   This is a major change for a young 18 year old.  There are “unknowns” in this new world.
Have you ever endured a significant change in your life?  Maybe a change you could not control or a change that you pursued that was not, “as planned”.  A job change, a loss, a divorce, financial devastation or maybe an action has changed the way you feel.   Significant change has many effects on our lives.
A significant change took place when I accepted Christ and made a public profession of faith through baptism.   The water trickling over my head and covering my body, reflected  how His grace poured out over my head, down my body, covering my soul, all the way over my feet and washed me completely free of the “old me”.     I had no idea how this change would affect my life and there was some pain and suffering before it took place but because of His Grace, I am no longer alone in my circumstances. This is the Grace of our Father.
Below is the picture we chose to have framed on the day my son was photographed, he refused to reschedule.  As he was walking back from the session, he looked up at the rain, because in the midst of the rain, there was a ray of sunlight beaming through…thank God the photographer caught the moment.
Photo by Deborah Lenderman
Now this is my vision of “Reigning Grace”. 
 Allow His Grace to shine through the clouds of your life starting today.

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