Friday, March 22, 2013

Grace of Refuge and Strength

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 Grace of Refuge and Strength

Cheryl Laurenza, MA, LPC, NCC

“God is our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation]; a very present and well-proved help in trouble. —Psalm 46:1 AMP”

Have you ever felt alone? Like no one understood or really knew you? A lot of people I meet with have struggled with this for years. There are many reasons for this as well. It seems that so much of the "church" does not minister as a community to each other, but does quite well in meeting needs of those "outside." I had often heard it said that we are the only Army that "shoots their wounded."

Now some do a far better job than others, and in some cases, because of our own fear, insecurities etc., we don't allow people to know us. I know for me I had struggled with that for years and it was a very painful and isolating place to be. Looking back at how God used people, a great church, and a Christian counselor, not to mention my husband and some wonderful people who would not let me sink into that pit, I can see that God desires to be our Refuge, place of safety, that He delights in us as his precious children, even in the depths of the struggle, He is so there.

Yet here's the point, we need to be that hand, that voice, that arm around the shoulder for each other. My calling is to minister to the body, hold up its leaders and workers, but never forget to allow God to minister to my own heart through others as well.

We are never alone, there is one who knows us and loves us regardless of where we are at! If you are one who has been touched and healed in this way, never forget or “outgrow” that reality that we need each other.

If you are in that place I was, call out to Him, even if you are uncertain about all this. Look at who He may have put in your path and do the hardest thing, reach out and let them be His instrument in your life.

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