Monday, April 8, 2013

Q and A from the Church 4 Chicks friend Me? conference

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Q and A Questions from the friend Me? Conference Panel 3/16

 byCheryl Laurenza

Cheryl Laurenza, MA, LPC, NCC

Q.  "Why as a woman is it so hard or take so long to say "yes" to stepping out in service to God?" 

A. There could be many reasons for this, depending on the situation and the woman.  Fear, lack of confidence, overwhelmed with work, family, health, or being in a patriarchal system that does not recognize the value of women. If you clearly hear God's voice gently leading you and it does not relent, trust and follow, though your knees may be knocking. 

Another statement was made about women being more supportive and excited for one another's success rather than being jealous or critical. This would be great wouldn't it? Don't focus on those detractors, look at those that do the above. If you focus on folks, who in their brokenness cannot do this for you,  you can become judgmental, bitter, and miss those that God has put in your path, and  lose  your joy and focus.

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