Friday, May 3, 2013

A Better Inside View, Enhanced Imaging, Part 2 by Debra Courtney

A Better Inside View, Enhanced Imaging Part 2 

By  Debra Courtney 

~What specific things are God's Will?
~What are the characteristics of a spiritual    mirror?
~What does it mean that a believer’s life is “hidden with Christ?"

For [as far as this world is concerned] you have died, and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3 AMP. 

Hidden means concealed and safe. Our service and conduct are the results of our salvation. “For you have died” means having as little desire for this world as humanly possible. 

Today we hear a lot about HD imaging.  This is the latest in technology.  It is in our homes via our TV sets, but it is also used in the medical care industry.  HD has to do with “lines of resolutions” or pixels.  The more “lines of resolutions”/ pixels per inch the smoother, more detailed images remains sharp and true-to-life.  When we see in HD at home we see a clearer, brighter, crisper TV program. When a physician uses this technology, he is able to see the patient’s anatomy and make faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

The results are: clearer images of the most realistic pictures available. Therefore his surgery has minimal invasiveness and healing and being back to 100% for the patient is faster. 

So, therefore our desire should be to exhibit characteristic traits that transform us into the same image of Christ. As our knowledge deepens and we become more intense students of the word of God just like the (HD pixels), the Holy Spirit helps us to change. Through Learning about Christ’s life we can understand how wonderful God is and what he is really like.  The word of God, our “mirror” has detailed images that help us to become Christ like. We get clearer, sharper, accurate diagnoses & a treatment plan that helps us in a progressive and awesome metamorphose of change. The more closely (just like the HD pixels) we follow Christ, the more we will be like him. So let’s get a better image by knowing the Great Physician our AWESOME GOD!   

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