Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Grace is Enough... By Cheryl Laurenza

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What a time of year this is? !  It's a great time to reflect on Luke 2, the ultimate gift to humanity. God stepping down from his throne to "pitch his tent among us."  So often we look at the wise men, gifts, giving, family, friends etc. These are all blessings and perfectly ok to celebrate. Let's not forget that the baby in the manger is God's love for humanity expressed through a helpless, powerless child whose destiny was Calvary. Talk about grace, knowing that most would either reject or deny him, some mock him, others would be so angered by his truth that they'd seek to kill him or to shut him up thereby hopefully putting an end to the message. Today we are still the same though aren't we? Some mocking, rejecting, denying, living in rebellion...But wait, what's Gods response again to those who do the above? Grace. Can we who profess to follow him show the same to them?  Remember at one time you and I were in those ranks as well. Seek how you can be BOTH grace and truth this season and always, without a relationship with him, how are we to expect anything different from folks? Be Jesus to others if you have  his spirit alive in you. Earn the right to speak into another's life, don't stand in a remote, pious judgement. 

So much has been swirling around Phil Robertson this month from Duck Dynasty. I'm not going to debate this here today. I would remind you that there is a standard, and we are to uphold it in our lives, be an example to others, yet there is more to it. There is a Savior who longs to show his grace and love not because we do or don't do something, but because of what he has done and can do in the lives of those who accept him. Again, we are saved by grace through faith, not because of what we do...that comes as we open our lives up to the only one who has the right to judge, He will direct and guide our path into all truth.  

Focus on him, let his grace and truth flow through you and remember he came as a baby not as a warrior, not as a dictator or task master. Love God, love others, then when tough topics and situations arise, people know your heart even when you speak a hard truth to them. They may still reject the truth, but recognize that's a spiritual battle friend and be on your knees for them. 

Merry Christmas dear sisters, may grace and love abound in you.
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