Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Opus - By Debra Courtney

Burlington Free Press

 "...your voice is unique, and it is sweet to God's ears." Song of Songs 2:14 

Any woman who has the courage to believe in her music “Opus” (her work) inside her will write the music for her orchestra, but must to turn her back on the audience to conduct the instruments that brings HER VOICE. "Neglect not the gift that is in thee..." 1 Tim. 4:14.
This is really a word that speaks to me and rings true to who those who know who they are and who’s they are and what their “Opus” their work is. But some of us don’t. 2013 was a mixture of breakthroughs, delays and contradictions for many of us. Like the noise of an orchestra tuning up.

If we want to orchestrate heavens symphony we must be willing to turn our back on things and some people on the earth. Sometimes God puts His people into a thing called “transition processing.” It is a place where we go into our own “wilderness transition” so we can find GOD’S VOICE and FIND OURS! I have experienced this “transition” even all the while being surrounded by people. Have you?
It takes courage for us to believe in the music, the “Opus” inside us, the instruments that we bring together and surround ourselves with so we can conduct the symphony we need to hear, and to be faithful to write it out accurately so that others can hear it also. 
When we are true to the one thing that we alone were created to do, we tap into an inner strength, not in and of ourselves, but an inner helper, an inner comforter, what could be called a “Spirit of Truth” that we are doing the right thing, even when nobody around us fully understands where we are at. This “place” of being is the most powerful in the world. It is an aspect of “God Speaking” out through the uniqueness of His design as he created us that we are exhibiting.

If driven by purpose without passion our work (our Opus) is average and never the best. If driven by passion without purpose, we are pleasure seekers (sensualist). If driven by both, we are a creative force in a uniquely designed universe waiting to cooperate with us and to bring us all into all that we were designed and destined to be.
I like what Steve Jobs said, “To design something you really have to get it! Be passionately committed to thoroughly understand something. The design of the Mac was not in how it looked…it was how it worked.” 
It is not so much what people think about us that matters, it’s what heaven knows about us that matters! Use the criticism to your advantage. In fact get on the positive side of it.

"Poverty and shame shall be to him who refuses instruction and correction, but he that heeds reproof is honored." Prov. 13:18.

The notes erased, marked through or scratched out on the paper of our lives are ugly – however stay with it, because when the 'Opus" is finished the melody is beautiful.
Forgetting those things in the past and pressing onto the greater achievements of the future. The symphony you will conduct with all the different talents of the orchestrate (instruments)that shows up in your life can change everything in your future. It's your choice. It's your "Opus".  Be that instrument in the Redeemer hand.


  1. "It's already in your head, your fingers and your heart, you just don't trust yourself to know that." Thank you Debra for reminding me that I already have what I need inside of me and all I need to do is let it flow, flow FLOW! I had briefly lost sight of that in this place of transition. Love you dear friend. This blog post is so wonderfully written and expressed.

    1. I value and appreciate your comment to this post. It was such an easy topic to write about because of the multiple transitions I have encountered thru my journey and I still encounter them today. It is my utmost joy to be a instrument in the redeemers hand, so that he can take all of us and make such a beautiful melody of our lives. Should you know of anyone who would benefit from this post please pass it forward.


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