Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Warrior in Your Marriage by @JenniferOWhite

The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing."

Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

You will always be a beautiful bride. God delighted to give your hand in marriage to His son. He needed you to have the assurance of intimate, faithful and unconditional love. Despite your mistakes and issues, God crazy loves you. He created a way to make sure you could wear the white gown of your dreams every single day. He sent you Jesus: your ultimate bridegroom. He let Jesus pay an unbelievable price to ensure your dress would always fit and never, ever show stains. Jesus did all of this for you regardless of your weight, temper, cooking skills, and the tidiness of your home.
Your marriage will NEVER be perfect. There will always two imperfect humans in your holy union. You said I do as two sinful (sin-filled) individuals who are on a quest to work out the oneness of marriage. As hard as you both try to love each other completely, you will struggle a bit. Why? Until death parts the two of you, the battle between good and evil will follow your relationship. There is a war and you, my friend, are in it.
The Bible promises that God’s goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life (Psalm 23:6). You are never without the benefit of God’s wild pursuit to guard, guide and protect you. He has been fighting His enemy since the Garden of Eden. He is an experienced warrior and He is fighting for you.
The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name. Exodus 15:3

He warns us that Satan is prowling the earth looking for opportunities to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). Satan is very aware of your and your marriage. Marriage is one of his favorite targets.
Staying married requires a fight. This fight is God’s fight. Your job is showing up on the winning Warrior’s side of the battle. There you will discover that He is fighting for you. You will also find Him ready to teach you, encourage you, and protect you.
You must suit up for the fight. God supplies armor (Ephesians 6:11-18) you need to battle your own selfish thoughts, expectations, and every cultural ideal that does not honor God and His ways.
He will delight you with constant communication about you and your husband’s worth. He knows your needs and He is able to meet all of them. He will never leave your side, witnessing your every victory, every fear, and every battle wound. He will never stop pursuing you if you wander away from His leadership. He will find you, bring you home and throw a party for all of heaven and earth to enjoy.
Have you experienced God as the victorious warrior in your marriage?
Have you considered Jesus as the Savior of marriages?
Take a moment to surrender your marriage challenges to His leadership.

Jennifer O. White is an author, speaker, and encourager to those seeking a life of hope, peace, and confidence. You are invited to join her on a brave life, marriage, and world-changing adventure with Jesus at her blog: Prayerfully Speaking. Today’s post is an excerpt from her forthcoming book: Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor After the Wedding Dress.

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