Friday, April 4, 2014

Experiencing the Passion by: Debra Courtney

Imagine you were one of the disciples who witnessed Jesus’ time on earth. You spent several years following Him around Galilee and Judea. You hung on His every word. You came to believe that the hopes of an entire nation rested on this one man’s shoulders.

Then came Good Friday-except, for you and the rest of Jesus’ followers, it was viewed as anything but good. Your leader was dead. All your hopes and dreams for God’s people would not be fulfilled. Your passion faded as you witnessed the body taken from the cross and laid in a borrowed tomb. Your thoughts turn to the past 3 years of supernatural happenings that unfolded before your very eyes that have now been dashed upon a cross. You hardly can catch your breath. You sink down in a locked room in bewilderment to the thoughts and what you have just witnessed and you grab your head and to wrestle with the pounding thoughts of what have I been doing for the past three years with this man of Galilee. What could you have been thinking?

What happened to the passion He always talked about?

What about the words of passion he spoke when he talked about that Kingdom that He discussed during lunch on the side of a mount.

What happened to the idea of becoming passionate fishers’ of men?

Where did all that passion go? Surly this is not how it all will end.

I imagine we all would have some of the same thoughts going through our mind if we were with the disciples during that time.

But… we know that was not how it ended.

Christ did rise from the dead, and we get to see that His passion was a sign of a new season He was entering into. Because of this we get to be in on what His passion did for us and we get to enter our own new seasons of passion.

Let’s look at how PASSION makes the difference

PASSION Is Magnetic. What we love to talk about, look at, listen to, read about and on and on are a clue to what you are designed to do.

PASSION Is Power. Jesus had a passion for His mission and goal in life. Significant success comes with what consumes you.

Protect the PASSION.  Stay focused. Don’t let anyone or anything distract you from the purpose God is birthing inside of you.

PASSION Is Unforgettable. Jesus focused on doing what he saw His Father do and say what His Father said. He followed His Heavenly Father instructions. He came to restore the blind, the lame, the sick, the battered, and the possessed, to restore and repair their life to full fellowship with His Father. Exactly what Adam and Eve gave up in the garden?

PASSION for the WORD. In His presence you passion for Him will grow from a tiny acorn to a huge oak tree within you. Meditate on it day and night, for then you way will be prosperous, and then you will have good success. (Joshua 1:7-8)

Find something that consumes you. Something that is worthy of building your entire life around. It may be small in the beginning, but, if what you do is what you love look for extraordinary success.

The PASSION that Jesus showed during this Resurrection time is so amazing to me. I want to live that PAASSIONATE life that he lived continuously all my life.

Debra’s life goal is to inspire and motivate women globally to become all they have been created and designed to be by using the guiding principles of their Creator’s word in gaining wisdom, understanding their designed-given personality identities & create their purpose!

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