Monday, July 21, 2014

“Life with purpose and grace” ~ A Guest Post by Tammy Trayer

What is a life with purpose and grace?. Well to me, life with purpose and grace is a life filled with focus, faith and a deep love for our heavenly father!
Let's talk first about grace.  Grace is how people see us and sometimes want to have what we have.  NOT in the expensive clothing or material things that you have and not in a perfect body, but a quality of person.  A person so filled with God that they are emanating something that people will desire.  It is hard to fit in and especially today.  My focus as a child was to fit in, as it is for most, but as an adult it is to be happy with myself from the inside out!  If I could share something with my younger self today, that is what I would share.  That it is most important to be true to ourselves and happy with ourselves. I Strive daily to emit and share what I am feeling inside; happiness, comfort, love, hope, extreme faith, respect for myself and a deep admiration for God.
I don't want to be like the Jones's and I don't ever want to feel like I need to fit in with people.  I want to put God first, myself, my family, my job, my friends and in that order I am walking closely with God, taking care of myself spiritually and in health so that I can be a better person and shine to others because of my grace before anything else.
If I am not well I can not be there for my family or others and if I am not spiritually I can not help other and I can not see my purpose which leads us to the next topic of discussion.
Sometimes our hardest struggle is determining our purpose.  The lightbulb will go on for you when you learn to focus, really focus on God and what he is telling you, showing you and opening up to you.  I think what happens is a lot of people are so worried about their purpose that they are not seeing those wonderful and amazing doors opening in front of them.
THEN when you see those doors opening and you take that 1st step when you can't see the rest of the staircase...  This will demonstrate your faith and trust in God.
Combine this deep faith and the grace we discussed above and in my opinion your are like a walking display of God's glory and reflect this energy, beauty and power onto your passers by.  They will want that amazing power that you have, that power from God and God alone!. So shine sister, shine that Grace, Faith, Happiness and purpose in your life and even if at this time you are still searching and looking for your purpose shine and hold tight to God's right hand so he can lead you to and show you your purpose.
I am a God fearing wife, mom, web designer, writer, soon to be author, a butcher, a baker, a soap and candle maker, a huntress, a homesteader, a pioneer, an avid outdoorswoman, a wilderness survivalist, an autism advocate, a gardener, a canner, an apprentice apiary, a forever optimist, a survivor, an embracer of dreams, a lover of traditional and primitive skills and an off-grid simple living girl that requires an IV to the outdoors.....

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