Friday, July 11, 2014

"The Danse" – Part 2 ~ A guest post by Nya Jacobs

The room stops.  Everything - every flickering light, every person, every sound - it all stops. His full attention is on you.  There is a connection in His gaze, as if He knows you and a gentleness on His face, as if He's been expecting you.  With resolve He's walking towards you and you entertain turning to leave.
But I don't want to leave. Again. What have I been running from? I've been looking for something and this - Him, HE - feels like the something. Something like…home. 

He comes closer and you stand, waiting to see if He will actually talk to you. Or maybe He's looking right past you at the more beautiful, confident girl behind you. Why in the world would He ever approach you? Does He have any idea there are much better dancers, better socializers, better people in this room than you? 


I'm really glad you're here. are?
Yes. I Am. Would you like to danse with Me?
He holds out His hand, His offer confident but not forceful. You sense the freedom to choose to dance, or not to dance.  But why say no? You've heard about Him - stories and songs and experiences of others.  His eyes are inviting, His body language open. 
No I'm sorry, I don't think so. I’d have no idea what I'd be doing out there. 

I will show you if you’ll let Me.
Counter to all your learned responses, you're drawn to trust Him. Trust He won't care if you look ridiculous, in turn making Him look ridiculous. He seems willing to be patient with you and there is a sense your company is meaningful to Him.
So…you take his hand. 
He leads you onto the floor, giving you some very basic and seemingly oversimplified instructions: Don't worry. I've got you. Just follow Me. Just follow-that’s it? You find yourself staring at your feet as you choppily move over the floor that He seems to float on.  Periodically you glance up to see Him smiling compassionately at you while diligently leading. You keep doing the same steps, finding it's not the steps that make you uncomfortable because, essentially, it's like walking in place. It's the leading...being lead in this "danse" is what makes things harder. You can't move wherever you choose or it'll throw everything off.  There is music playing you've not heard before and the rhythm is unfamiliar.  But this stranger is making all the difference in the process.

I didn’t catch Your name.

Who are You? 

I told you before. I Am.

You have another moment like earlier when everything stops, except this time things don’t just stop, they become crystal clear.  He IS - what you’ve been thirsting for, what you’ve been searching for, why you’ve kept coming back and why nothing else ever satisfied. He is this I Am. The phrase feels awkward but it makes everything else make perfect sense. You’ve tried to do this partner danse all alone, failing miserably. Yet here’s your comfort – you’re finally dancing the Way it was intended: at home with the I Am.

Hola!  I'm Nya, and I'm honored at the privilege to write :) When I'm not planning my September wedding (and preparing for my marriage!), I work with those recovering from addiction, cook and bake, take road trips with my fiancé, and plan my next creative venture.  I have a very soft heart for the country of France and the salvation of their youth.  I grew up in church but came to Christ in my late teens.  Grace has been a stumbling block for my legalism and perfectionism, but from God's word, I've developed this mantra:

And I praise You because of the wonderful way You created me.  Everything You do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt.  God planned for us to do good things and to live as He has always wanted us to live.  That's why He sent Christ to make us what we are.  For sin shall not have dominion over you: you are not under the law, but under grace. Ps 139:14, Eph 2:10, Rom 6:14

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @createdwell.

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