Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meet Valorie Burton ~ Featured Speaker at #AWAKEN1Day 2014!

Valorie Burton is an amazing woman who not only exemplifies Church 4 Chicks mission of helping women live with purpose without the pressure, but she has also navigated through the twists and turns of life in order to find her God-given purpose. She is a best selling author, speaker and life coach who is dedicated to helping women overcome the areas of their lives in which they feel lost and stuck. Valorie is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, which has allowed her to serve clients in over 40 states and ten countries as an Certified Personal and Executive Coach. Essentially, she helps people to make major life changes, become stronger leaders, speak up with confidence and gain positive tools that can be used to navigate the life’s disappointments and setbacks. In other words, she wants to help people see their lives as better and not bitter.

Valorie is a regularly featured on the TODAY Show, along with appearances on the Dr. Oz Show and she has co-hosted two national television programs, The Potters Hands with T.D. Jakes and Aspiring Women. She has also written for Oprah Magazine, Essence, Ebony, Women’s Day and many others. Valorie Burton can best be summarized by Coca Cola’s corporate testimony:

“When Valorie Burton lit up the stage at the 2013 Women’s Foodservice Forum Conference in Orlando, we knew we had to have her.  Back at the World Headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, our women’s business resource group, women’s LINC, was hard at work planning the “Now is Your Time” conference for 500 women in Atlanta and members in over 20 countries.  Lucky for us, Valorie was available and joined us as the workshop lead for a session on, “How to Bring out the Best in Yourself and Others.”  Well, she certainly brought out the best in her audience – our members raved about Valorie and she earned top scores in our post-conference survey.  Of course, she’s a great speaker with a strong message that prompts her listeners to go and do something; but it’s the intangibles that we loved.  Valorie is a great storyteller, funny, and she knows how to move a crowd!  Do your team a favor…call her.”

Tanika S. Cabral Coca-Cola women’s LINC Vice President, Engagement

Church 4 Chicks is not only excited to have Valorie speaking at the AWAKEN 1 Day Conference, but we are honored to have her share her heart, her wisdom and her expertise regarding our reactions when our world is “all shook up!”

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