Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankfulness, Veterans of the Faith & Heroes by Cheryl Laurenza

Hebrews 11

This is a great time of year to think of what we are thankful for. I am especially grateful for my Dad as it’s his 86th birthday on Thanksgiving, he is a veteran of the Korean War serving in the Air Force, and was my first hero.

When I read Hebrews 11 God reminds me of all those who "by faith" followed and believed, though they had not yet received what was promised, only believed, and kept marching on. Life can be so hard and confusing at times, and we wonder where God is in all of it. It's important to have "heroes" that we can look back at, read their stories, and be encouraged. It's a good idea to look to those who've struggled but remain faithful, but real, not denying their journey, but trusting that God has them in His hand.

I have had quite of few of these folks throughout my faith journey for these last 30 years. Some are Pastors, Sunday School teachers, leaders etc; but a good number are just regular folks who love Jesus, people and me. They lived their lives consistently like they did when alone. 

I am thankful for Hebrews 11 people I can read about, but also for those in my own life and pray that I am more and more becoming one to others coming behind me.  We may never have monuments erected or holidays named for us, but we have something far more precious and rare: we bear His name and get to join Him in blazing trails and taking ground.

It is a battle isn't it? It does not matter what branch you serve in but that you are faithful to carry out what your position requires with honor and integrity. 

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Cheryl Laurenza, LCMHC, LPC, NCC
The Refuge Counseling Center, LLC
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