Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Walking Blindly, Trusting Completely - A Guest Post by Brianne Rask

What a delight it is for me to share with you a story my sister sent to me recently. I was so excited that she gave me permission to share it with you here. (I love how God used our everyday lives to speak into our souls, don't you?)

I had to take Mattie, my 12 year old daughter, for a home school test today. When we got there, she helped get Phoebe (3 ½ years old) out of the car. There was a really sweet exchange between them: Phoebe had sun in her eyes. She walked a few steps toward the street. Eyes closed. With her hand in the air. Trusting that her big sister would grab that little hand and guide her across the street. And sure enough, her big sister came through and got her safely across the parking lot.

God spoke to me in that moment, I really feel like He did. That's how we should trust Him. We can blindly walk into what may seem to be danger, with our hands to heaven, knowing He will take our hand and guide us through it. ~ Brianne Rask

This made me think of the promise Jesus left His followers (including us) when He said that the Holy Spirit would be our guide (See John 16:13). We don't have to go it alone - in fact, we can't even if we want to! Our God is always with us. But our experience with Him will be determined by our trust in Him. 

I pray that we will choose, like sweet little Phoebe, to raise our hand -even if our eyes are closed to what's ahead- and trust that our Heavenly Father walks beside us and that His Spirit within us will guide us.

Meet Brianne Rask (my sister!)

Raskal & Bri play electronic music of all hues and colors, bringing it to rooms large and small across Atlanta and beyond. 

From their home base in Atlanta, Raskal & Bri are becoming preeminent players in creating a more dynamic ATL underground music scene.  They have shared the stage with many diverese Artists, like Dave Seaman, John 00’ Flemming, Keys & Krates, Victor Niglio and Judge Jules. This is the time though to start really pouring into the Atlanta Scene and Raskal & Bri are up for the Challenge. 

Having been a part of the music scene since the 90’s only to recently find their way back, they have a desire to spread the positivity deeply embedded in the music.

And did we mention they are one of the few Married DJ couples that exist in Dance Music today? Also having 5 kids, they bring the feeling of Family to each one of their fans. We all need each other. Raskal & Bri are working tirelessly to bring quality, cutting-edge dance music to Atlanta’s clubbers, both through their own music, and any event they are partnering with. Their passion for the electronic music and people in the culture permeates every project they take on and every set they play. Always looking to expand the minds of their fans through their love for them, the music, and each other.

Please join us at Church 4 Chicks in praying for Brianne and Ronnie Rask - AKA Raskal & Bri - as they take the light of the Gospel to others through their music these opening doors in Atlanta and beyond!

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