Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Begin Again

_7507073-001.JPGHaving raised only girls for more than 9 years before Jackson entered our world, I have to say, I thought all the moms of boys were liars.  Every single time I heard a mom with a boy say something to the effect of “he just has too much energy to sit still,” I thought, “sounds like a mom who doesn’t want to do the work to train up her child.”  I’m laughing as I type at the ridiculousness of my pride….I repent.  As I have learned what anyone who has had any significant contact with a male toddler knows, boys do in fact have limitless energy!  To all those who knew me prior to Jackson….I apologize for all the internal eye rolls!

One of Jackson’s favorite things in the world to do is read books.  When he gets about 2 feet from my lap, he faces away from me, does a shimmy backwards until he can feel my touch, and plops down.  He often gets distracted within a minute or two and needs to drive the toy car for 30 seconds or pick up the sock lint across the room and get it to the trash.  It can be difficult to keep his full attention!  As he takes a second to explore what has caught his attention, I usually stay sitting right where I am because I know if I wait just a minute, I’ll get to see his cute little shimmy coming back toward me.  

I wonder if God is sometimes looking at me like a scatter-brained toddler.  Expectantly I sit down to let His story wash over me and within a couple of minutes, I’m thinking about a project due, the grocery list, or the text I just received.  I realize, it can be difficult for me to keep my full focus on God, even for just a few minutes.

It can be easy to convince ourselves we are failures, believe God is frustrated with our lack of focus, and let those lies keep us from continuing to try.

The truth of God’s character is: He is patient, good, and never runs out of time.  He doesn’t have one single place He would rather be than with you.  In Him, there is no condemnation.  Zero.

God rejoices when we purpose ourselves to spend time with Him.

One of the most freeing realizations is that the grace of Jesus is not just poured out on us first thing in the morning and then washed away a little at a time with each diversion.  

He does not grow weary with us.  No, the Lord rejoices to see us begin with Him again, and again, and again.  

As we say yes today to God’s invitation to draw near, remember He delights to see you shimmy up next to Him.  Go ahead and lean in a little closer.

Angie Roehm seeks to encourage others to let the power of God's spirit flow through their everyday lives. Armed with a math degree and a type-A personality, she is learning to look only to God as He directs her to step out in faith with her writing and speaking. Angie and her husband Jason live in the Cincinnati area with their 3 kids, where they enjoy watching their girls dance, tossing the ball with their toddler, and cheering on the Indianapolis Colts. 

Connect with Angie at www.angieroehm.com

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