Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caterpillars, butterflies, pollen...and SNOW?

Well, we had wondered if having Church 4 Chicks meet during Spring Break week would be worthwhile since so many of our regular attenders and volunteers would be out of town. I sensed yesterday morning that God wanted to do something special with a smaller, more intimate group, and so we prayed to that end.

Last night's topic in the series called "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?!" and in keeping with our main verse, Romans 12:18, which says, "As much as it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone," was LIVE OUT OF WHO GOD SAYS I AM. We looked at Romans 12:9-15 and the very long list of things that we can try to do in our own strength, power, will, etc. which will only lead to feelings of greater guilt, condemnation, and hopelessness when we, once again, don't measure up to the standard.

So, instead of trying to manufacture these character traits and actions on our own in an effort to please God, we discussed the other option: humbly realizing we can't do all those things, but that Christ can and will through us as we learn to trust Him, and as we realize He is in no hurry with any one of us. As Miles J. Stanford puts it in the Green Letters, "God is working from and for eternity."

As a bonus, I shared a brief clip from a video called "The TrueFaced Message" which is part of a larger study and series called "The TrueFaced Experience." John Lynch is the speaker in this video (which I'm including in this blog post for you), and I believe it will whet your appetite for the rest of the message which you'll be able to purchase at Church 4 Chicks on Tuesdays through April 28. (We'll have both the DVD's and CD's available.)

Take the next 3-4 minutes and watch the clip. You'll be glad you did.

Happy Easter to all of you! See you next week when we talk about "Choosing Our Friends Wisely" in our pursuit of doing what we can do in relationship to others. You might be surprised at what we talk about, and I know you won't want to miss out on the really great band that will be bringing the music! Bring a friend with you (we had 15 new ladies just last night!), grab a bite to eat and bring it to CCC, and be in your seat by 7 p.m. when we kick it off with door prizes!! :-)

You are Loved!!


  1. What a special time last Tuesday night was! The butterflies were a beautiful picture of God's work in my life. Thank you for the wonderful visual - it is something that will continue to remind me that no matter what stage I'm in, He is constantly changing me.

    While there was no "music" Tuesday, Leslie Cooper did an excelelent job in leading worship. Her closing song, "Lord I'm available" has come back to my mind several times this week - praying that my storage remains empty so that He can fill me.

    I'm looking foward to what God has for me this week!

  2. Hello Chicks~

    If you were on Spring Break last week, we pray that you had safe, uneventful travel and a great time with family and friends. Today is a wonderful day in the life of a believer as we are reminded that our Savior took all our sin away as far as the east is from the west and He triumphed over the grave. GLORY!

    Last week was a wonderful message about living out of who God says we are. We need to surrender and allow HIm to work through us. And one of the most powerful reminders for me was that God loved me so much and wanted ME here that He knew the EXACT DNA that would be needed to accomplish that. Just let that sink in and be reminded how special we truly are!

    Erica Branch wasn't able to be with us as she had a death in her family - continue to pray for comfort & peace for them. At the last minute we were able to find a replacement, Leslie Cooper. Leslie is truly remarkable and has amazing opportunities to bring glory to God. She was truly a gift from God and her powerful message of "Lord, I am Available", sang a capella was beautiful.

    We hope to see you this coming Tuesday as we continue our Spring session of Church4Chicks. If you haven't been able to attend each week, no worries girls....... we have recorded the sessions and you can pick them up at the product table. If you want the homework for a specific night, let me know and I can make sure that you get what you need.

    I believe Shelley will have a fresh word for us this week as we continue on the path of "trying to get along. She will be discussing "Choosing Our Friends Wisely". And the band Jude will be leading praise & worship this week.

    Don't forget to visit us on the web at or leave a comment here on the blog.

    Grab a friend, pick up some dinner and be in your seat by 7 p.m. as we start with a couple of door prizes and start digging into God's Word!

    All for Him,


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