Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Spring Session is almost over...*tear*

But, before you cry me a river, let's party!! BELOVED IS COMING!!
Chicks, It's time to get your contact list warmed up and invite ALL your girlfriends to come and experience an evening of encouragement with Beloved! If you've seen them once, you know that once is never enough!
If you've never seen them, it's time!!
We're offering an evening of music, laughing, door prizes, make up, bling!, encouragement through the Word, laughing, coffee, chocolate,...did I mention LAUGHING? How many of us need some good old belly laughing? (My hand is SO raised!) The girls will present two of the newest elements of their unique ministry: Beloved Beauty and Beloved TV!!
This is a night you do NOT want to miss. Bring all your girlfriends to Cumberland Community Church where there is plenty of parking and room for all of us!
Leave us a comment to let us know you're coming. AND, if you need FREE Childcare, we DEFINITELY need to hear from you! Email
Can't wait to laugh the night away with you as we say "So Long" to another season of Church 4 Chicks!


  1. Can't wait! It's going to be an awesome night. Beloved was GREAT last year!

  2. Shelly,
    I heard you speak at Beloved retreat this past Feb. I immediately got your book "On Purpose for a Purpose" I will be at church4chicks this Tuesday with our church group Martha Bowman.
    You have touched my life in such a positive way and in return many others lives-- when I tell them " on purpose for a purpose."
    My husband had one opf those moments last week.

    Per Bobby Nicholson:

    Please excuse my spelling and rambling as I am on fumes right now
    but wanted to get this out sooner rather than later.

    One of Diane's new sayings now has been "on purpose for a
    purpose." How true that really is.

    Last night at the ball-game in the first inning of the Tattnall
    Stratford game (one Grant really really wanted to play) Grant,
    while diving for a ball was hit by one of his team mates (actually
    one of his best friends who is quite big). The cleat of his team
    mates shoe hit Grant in the head and knocked Grant unconscious for
    a few seconds while producing a gash of over four inches long. The
    game was delayed about 45 minutes as he had to be placed in an
    ambulance and taken to the Medical Center emergency room. As I was
    driving to the ER, I could not help but ask why this had to
    happen. Especially, of all games, this one against Stratford and
    knowing how much Grant wanted to play and hopefully make an
    impact. After a C Scan and several hours of waiting, the doctor
    placed over 20 staples in his head (she told Grant 27 while telling
    Diane and me it was well over 20 as she stopped counting at that
    point). We did not get home until just after 1:30 this morning and
    had to stay up to check Grant periodically to make sure he was OK
    due to the slight concussion he encountered.

    My wife and I were very tired and quite simply exhausted and
    overwhelmed due to our normal daily life stresses, etc. which we
    all seem to have. We knew sitting there in the ER this was going
    to be a long sleepless night and an even longer Wednesday. Again,
    I asked myself why did this have to happen? My answer came very
    late towards the end of our stay.

    First, seeing all of Grant's friends who came and stayed with him
    after the game meant so much to Grant and to Diane and me. The
    adults who came meant a lot to us also. We really did appreciate
    that from everyone that came, called and texted. Support means a
    lot. While that was wonderful, that still was not the main purpose
    for us being there. While about 8 people who came to be with Grant
    were in his ER room (you are only supposed to have 3 but they let
    us stretch the rules) Diane and I sat in the waiting area just
    outside Grants ER room. As Diane and I sat there talking and
    trying to rest our minds somewhat, a lady our age came out of the
    ER room next to Grant's and sat a few seats from us in the waiting
    area. We did not speak as it was apparent everyone was simply
    tired. After several minutes of this, the Doctor who had been
    working on Grant came out to speak with us about Grant. The lady
    next to us could not help but over hear what the Doctor was telling
    us and proceeded to ask us a few questions. We found out we shared
    the same pediatrician which gave us more to talk about.

    Diane then went back into the room with Grant while for some reason
    I chose to stay in the waiting room a little longer. About that
    time her Doctor came out and began talking to her about the person
    she was with that was being attended to in the ER room next to
    Grant's. I could not help but over hear some of what the doctor
    was saying so after he left, I began asking her a few questions as
    I could tell she was emotionally effected. What she told me and
    how she told me quickly made everything very evident as to WHY.
    The women's only son who is 23 years young had recently had his
    colon removed and was experiencing severe abdominal pain. Several
    times while we were talking he would scream and cry out in agony.
    As any parent would she immediately broke down and cried. She told
    me her son had received scholarships to North Georgia College (a
    military school) for specialized training as a Medic. I'm not sure
    as I was and am still mentally drained, but I thought she said he
    was part of the National Guard that was deployed when he was 19 to
    go to Iraq. Because they were so short handed for Medics, he was
    pulled out of the College program and sent as part of this
    deployment. While there, he contracted what she said the Military
    personnel have called the Gulf War Syndrome while others called it
    CDIFF which is short for some sort of chemical warfare which in
    this case is a bacteria that basically causes holes to appear
    throughout your intestines and eventually causes them to not be
    functional. They do not know what else it damages or what the
    eventual prognosis is but it now is effecting his abdomen. He has
    been in and out of hospitals the last 3 years as he continues to
    need medical care and all the while as he has got worse. Not
    knowing what to do, I just listened as she clearly needed and
    wanted to talk to someone. She went into how her son as a 4 year
    old knew he wanted to be in the Military. She told me how there
    was a time period of several months when he was overseas as part of
    the War and she had not heard from him and had no idea of where he
    was or if he was alright. She again broke down at this point.
    After composing herself, she told me she remembers sitting in her
    closet this one particular day with the door closed and lights off
    while she sobbed endlessly. She said all she knew to do was pray.
    That same day she said she received an email from her son telling
    her he was on a plane headed for a hospital in Germany. He said it
    was very bad and he was very low. Again she broke down. She told
    me that his unit was now being deployed to Afghanistan and that he
    told her he wished he could go. This from a CHILD who has paid
    with his body and perhaps his life if something divine does not
    occur for those of us to be home in a safe environment, playing a
    game! About that time he yet again cried out in obvious misery. I
    asked her what type of support she and he were receiving not really
    knowing as she was alone. She told me her church in Cochran was
    excellent and that she was sure her Pastor would be there in the
    morning along with her husband. I asked her how she and her son
    were holding up. She said he was the lowest she has ever seen him
    and even said he had given up. He told her Saddam got him, maybe
    not with a bullet but he got him nonetheless. She said she did not
    know how much more she could bear.

    It then became even more clear as to WHY. While she was at the
    most emotional point of our discussion among her son's cries, I
    asked her if she would mind if my wife and I prayed with her. The
    look in her crying eyes said everything. Now, you have to realize
    praying in public with a perfect stranger is something I had never
    done before and was very uncomfortable with. BUT, God made it
    clear to me to put my own fears away and just let him handle
    everything. Nervously I went into Grant's room and got Diane. We
    then prayed with this crying woman. She told me afterwards that it
    was a perfect prayer and really appreciated it. While I really do
    not remember exactly what I said and to me I am sure it was far
    from perfect, it did not matter as to her it at least meant
    something. I would like to think she heard God's words through our
    prayer and at least for the moment felt God had not abandoned her
    or her son.

    Her name is Julie Peach and her son's name is Robert. We got her
    email address and told her we would put her and her son on our
    church's and Sunday School's prayer list. She was thankful for that.

    Regardless of anyones political beliefs, we MUST support our
    Military and their families. These are innocent children along
    with men and women risking their life's for you and me. They are
    very passionate about what they represent and what they are doing.
    Please put them on your church prayer list along with our Military
    personnel as a whole. They need our prayers.

    We should also realize that one simple word to anyone, perhaps a
    stranger, could mean everything to them at that point in their
    life. I struggle with this also but realize after last night again
    how true that is.

    Again I want to repeat what Diane keeps saying: "On purpose for a

    Bobby Nicholson

    Thanks SHelly hope to meet you Tuesday.
    Diane Nicholson
    Macon, GA

  3. Chicks~
    How I missed you all last week!Can't wait to spend tomorrow night with you.

    What a wonderful session this has been! Hopefully you have been able to "just get along" with others and truly celebrate the differences in those you encounter on a daily basis - whether it's your family or co-workers because either can be a challenge at various times. As always, Shelley has delivered great teaching that each of us can apply to our daily lives.

    It won't really end tomorrow as we'll be announcing "Summer Nights". Two special nights during the summer where you can come visit with your new chick friends and get dinner - all for $10.00 each night. Look for information tomorrow night and pick up your tickets.

    I'm sure that Beloved is going to deliver a fresh word from the Lord through their music ~ along with some great laughs (I keep watching Myrtle, Pearl & Bernice on the website - what a hoot!)

    In addition to bringing your friends tomorrow night, bring your favorite finger food or dessert to share.

    Be ready to laugh, eat & buy some "bling" tomorrow night.



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