Thursday, June 10, 2010

To answer some of your questions...

1. There is NO COST for the picnic in the park--this is a FREE event. :-)
2. RSVP's are not necessary, but would be helpful. Just shoot us an email at
3. This is a family friendly event, so feel free to bring whoever you want. The more, the merrier.
4. Please bring enough food for your family/guests. We won't be providing any food or beverages, so just pack a picnic for your group and head on over.
5. What if it rains? If it's a light rain, come on out to the park. If it's a torrential downpour with lightning and thunder,  head on over to Cumberland Community Church and we'll have our picnic indoors. :-)
6. Don't forget bug spray and sun screen.

I think that's it--all the other pertinent info is below, so scroll down for that. Don't forget to let us know you're coming! See you there!


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