Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it ever too late to let your light shine? #Shine

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you” Isaiah 60:1.

       Did you ever wonder when “your light” will begin to shine?  Do you sometimes feel as though your light was darkened years ago?  We live in a world full of dark corners, twists, and turns.  Surrounded by  constant societal messages of improving one's self, how to accumulate earthly possessions, and how to be a better you.  It is so easy to have your “light” extinguished in this self-absorbed world and one must truly put on the armor of our God each and every day to see through the darkness.
     I am honored to minister to some of the most unique and loving assisted living residents in town.  I spend every Sunday speaking, teaching and sharing God's love with my “peeps”.  My “peeps” consist of men and women who call the assisted living residence their home (for most of them, their final home).  They range in age  from 72 to 101+.  Many of the residents are suffering through the stages of Alzheimer's disease and are trying to understand why they can't remember what they had for dinner last evening or why that lady with the blonde hair won't let them walk home.  My “peeps” have been  married, divorced, widowed and sometimes more than once in each category.  They have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and have journeyed through all of the smiles and tears with each and every one.
       When I start talking about “letting our light shine for God”, many a time I am met with a sea of blank stares or incredulous smiles, as if I had not noticed that many of them were sitting in wheelchairs.  One of my favorite lines to say is “nowhere in the Bible can I find a verse that says once you are 85 years old, or  dependent upon a walker to get around, or can't recite Bible verses verbatim, that God is finished with you”.  If you are a child of God, then your light continues to shine, regardless of where you find yourself in this world.  Once we accept and understand what it means to  have “the glory of God” rise upon us, then and only then, can we begin to celebrate the eternal light that God has entrusted with His children.  This celebration begins the moment we accept God's light.  This acceptance may come at age 5 or 95.  God wants His light to shine within each one of us.  He created us in His image and there is no greater light shining!   
     God personally called me to minister to His people five years ago.  He used an 87 year-old Alzheimer's patient to show me how He wanted me to spend my days.  He let “Millie's” light shine through and forged a friendship, between us that no disease could destroy.  He taught me that once we “arise and shine” for His glory,  put our earthly temptations aside and  not be held back by age, stage, or circumstances, our light will shine for all eternity.  

Leigh Lowden is a Christian author, speaker and ministry leader.  She ministers to assisted living residents and Alzheimer's patients and is honored to travel and share her passion for God with many aged friends throughout the country. Leigh is forever thankful for her loving and supportive family.     

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Join us right here on December 15 for another wonderful guest post by Lucille Zimmerman, counselor, speaker and soon-to-be author on the subject matter of self-care. Ladies, we need her words of wisdom!! Don't miss it!

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