Monday, December 12, 2011

#Shine Series begins TODAY!!

As Church 4 Chicks gears up for our brand new, first ever, WINTER Series, we are elated to have some amazing voices of our generation share their advice, experiences, wisdom, humor and more with us over these next 4 weeks!! You will hear from ministry leaders, counselors, life coaches, moms, wives, singles....women who are allowing their LIGHTS to SHINE in our generation! And doing so quite beautifully, I might add!!

If you missed the post on Dr. Lori Salierno and her encounters with Mother Teresa, you will definitely want to click here to read that! 

Who do you know who lets her light shine right where she lives or works or studies? 

What do you think makes a person's inner light shine more than others? 

We would love to have you join the conversation by leaving your comment and adding your own thoughts to this topic. Guest posts begin tomorrow, so make sure to check back often! We will plan to add a new post at least every other day (at 8:15 AM EST) so that we will all have a couple of days at a time to stay connected during the busy Holiday Season. 

Also, please visit for all the details on our upcoming series AND for the video messages that will be posted, Lord willing, once the series kicks off! 

See you back here TOMORROW for our fist guest post by Leigh Lowden who has allowed God to use her to shine a light to Alzheimer's patients in her community. You won't want to miss her tender, inspiring words. 

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