Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shine Brighter than the Brightest Star! #Shine

Hello Girlfriends!

 I have a confession to make. I have flaws. 

One of my character imperfections shows up in how I lose things. Rarely have I lost things at work or my children’s things- just my stuff. I have lost my keys, my wallet, my mind (I’m kidding, but not kidding) all in the same week once. It’s an interesting paradox because I was raised to present as “together” at all times, but on the inside, picture me with my bangs disheveled, make up slightly smeared and my breathing labored.  When a prophet shared that I was being called into ministry in 2010, I honestly chuckled and rolled my eyes on the inside. I was newly divorced and in a long distance relationship with my two young boys. My life was a mess…

Got mess? 

We all have our stories with our mess. I believe it is in those moments when we are our messiest, that God starts our healing journey to clean us up and calls us to SHINE and help others.  I was called to SHINE through a women’s ministry, Girlfriends Pray, during one of my darkest hours. My light was activated as I served and I would SHINE as I shared my gift to plan events for other women.  Many of these women were hurting and reconnected with God at these events. (I too was healed at a Girlfriends Pray event-thank God that those ladies said YES to SHINING!) 

Through my SHINE and connection to God, I could finally see my way out of my mess (Psalms 119:105) and help others at the same time. God uses our SHINE to literally lift a sisterfriend out of darkness into the light which is the love of our Father. I volunteered to help with ONE local Girlfriends Pray event and God increased by territory (1 Chronicles 4:9-1) and made me the International Events Director for the ministry! He trusts me to SHINE by planning events to help heal others and planning these events helps heal me. Just say yes, show up, and serve- just as you are. 

I learned a couple of years ago that God is as you. I interpreted that to mean that God shows up to others just as you are today. Someone is counting on you to SHINE to meet our Father and be healed- today! They see God in you as you SHINE and that gives them hope! God’s light in you accentuates your strengths, and as you SHINE your flaws seem to “exit stage right”. What we see as our mess and flaws are often God’s “entrances” for us to minister to others and minister to ourselves.  As I SHINE, there’s an accountability to read His Word and pray, so I grow because I want to represent God well. My gift and SHINE is not all about me, but I am kept close to God as I help others with my gift and SHINE. It’s a win-win! So, TURN IT UP! SHINE Brighter than the Brightest Star! 

A girlfriend is waiting on your gift….

 About Girlfriends Pray
Girlfriends Pray is one of the fastest growing ministries designed to encourage, inspire, motivate
and empower women through prayer.  Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer and the vision is 1 million women united around the world. We accomplish this through our daily prayer calls and other virtual and live initiatives to include Girlfriends In The Word, Girlfriends Pray EmpowerStudy, Girlfriends Pray Global, Amigas Pray, Girlfriends Pray Live, Girlfriends Pray TV and Girlfriends Pray Real Talk which is designed to address the mental health and well-being of women.  In less than one year the Ministry received unbelievable favor that began with the launch of a national tour "Girlfriends Pray Big Hat" followed by a NAACP Award for Faith-Based Community Outreach, hosted a press conference on Capitol Hill with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care, Inc., given an ongoing television segment with ABC WMAR Channel "Grace and
Glory", a partnership with Carmelo Anthony Foundation, an invitation to participate in one of the largest foreign missions initiatives with other ministers and artists in collaboration with Praise Fest
Ministries and nominated for White House Council Team on Faith-Based and Neighborhood 

At a Big Hat event with GP
Tomiko Logan currently serves God through Girlfriends Pray as the International Events Director. Additionally, Tomiko is the host of Girlfriends Pray Real Talk and Assistant to the Founder of Girlfriends Pray, Dee Marshall. Tomiko is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in which she serves as a Clinical Therapist to treat the mental health needs of children and families within the foster care system in Georgia. Tomiko is the very proud mother of two boys, Donovan and Bryson. Tomiko can be reached at

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