Monday, January 7, 2013

Silver Lining

Photo by Amelia Grace Photography
Silver Lining
by Lori Kennedy
“rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3b-4 (NIV) 

Have you ever suffered through something wondering why it is happening or what you are supposed to learn from it?   

When my youngest son was almost thirteen years old, he woke up one Saturday morning with one of his legs hurting.  By the end of that day both legs were hurting and he ran a fever on Sunday night.  We spent that whole week in labs and doctor’s offices ending up in the hospital on Friday night for more testing. 

No-one knew what was wrong with my baby and I have to admit I was very frightened.  The test from Friday night came back with some chilling results so they called us back to the hospital on Saturday for further testing.   

After a whole week of worry and confusion, my child was diagnosed with a staph infection in his bones and was immediately admitted to the hospital to be put on heavy antibiotics.  We were told he might need surgery to drain the pockets of infection in his hips and legs.  We were also told while the rest of his body would continue to grow at a normal pace, his upper thighs may not grow any more.  Each piece of information we received continued to seem worse than the one before.  We finally knew what was going on and were thankful that it was curable, but we could have a very long road ahead of us as the standard hospital stay for children with this problem was over a month. 

Grant ended up being released only a week and is now completely restored from his ordeal.  He never had to have surgery and his growth plates are fine.  In fact, he is taller than me now.  

Each day we had family and friends come to visit.  They prayed with Grant, played games with him, brought him small gifts and specifically spent time with him.  In hindsight, all of the support that we received from our family, friends, and the Body of Christ allowed Grant to see how much he is loved.  This fearful time in our family is now a memory of love.  Grant continues to playfully state that he wants to go back to the hospital so that he can feel that kind of committed love again. 

I realize that not all situations stories have such a perfect ending.  However, looking back on this type of experience can lead us to rejoice in our sufferings knowing that His plans for us are better than ours.  

So back to my original question; have you ever suffered through something wondering why it is happening or what you are supposed to learn from it?  I challenge you to try to remember one today.  It’s a great way to see God working in your life.


  1. Yes, I have. Thanks for sharing your story. During my 2 year+ ordeal I realized how faithful God truly is. He is also Present.


  2. Thank you so much for your comment Sheryl!

    I find that I tend to see God's faithfulness better after I've passed through a storm as opposed to while I'm still going through it. Praises that you can see His work while you are still going through this storm. Blessings to you sweet sister.

    Lori Kennedy


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