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Comparing Our Pots by @Lori_Kennedy

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Comparing Our Pots 

ByLori Kennedy

 “We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves.  When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.”

 II Corinthians 10:12 (NIV)

My sister recently received a new car from our father for her birthday.  I really struggled with this and felt like my father didn’t love me as much as he loves her.  None of my gifts are this good.  This was painful for me. It caused feelings of discontentment, was stealing my joy and filing me with bitterness, envy, anger and feelings of worthlessness.  

I went to see a ministry friend sing at an event.  She has a beautiful voice and I never get tired of hearing her sing.  She constantly amazes me with her gifts and talents. As happy and proud of her as I am, I don’t feel that I’m as gifted or talented.  None of my gifts are this good.  Again, this is painful for me: causing feelings of discontentment, stealing my joy and filling me with bitterness, envy, anger, and feelings of worthlessness. 

Yes, I just said the same thing twice, but you get my point, right? 

We find ourselves comparing our looks, our talents, our weight, our homes, and our children.  In fact, we can compare just about everything that filters through our tainted eyes and enter our struggling hearts.  In every single case, when we compare we lose.  We perceive that we are either better than…or….not enough.  

When we feel better than, we have pride and we may not continue to attempt to move forward in a positive direction since we will feel “good enough” and then possibly think less of that person.  If, for example, you think you are in a better place spiritually than someone else and are comparing your spiritual walk to theirs, you have to ask yourself, “Are you really?”  

On the other hand, when we feel that we don’t measure up, we may feel unworthy and filled with shame.  Sometimes these feelings of inadequacy may make us feel like giving up thinking there is someone more equipped to handle the destiny that God has placed before us to fulfill.   

I do believe that God places people along our paths to challenge us, to cultivate us and to help us to mature in our spiritual walk.  However, whenever there are feelings of shame, unworthiness, or pride that come up, then you need to realize that is a lie from the enemy and is not a message from God.  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7 (NKJV).  Some bible versions say self-control or self-discipline instead of a sound mind.  Either way, we are called to walk in confidence of who we are and whose we are, connecting with those that God has placed in our path with the purpose of increasing His Kingdom on Earth and not with the purpose of feeling better than or not enough.   

God has used the example of a potter and his clay in the bible many times.  Just as an earthly potter cannot make the exact same piece two times, God has purposefully created us each differently and with our own destiny to fulfill.  We are all on our own journey and on our own path….each of us is slightly different…we all have different D.N.A.  This is all good…it’s the way He planned it for us.  God states in Micah 6:8 that we are required to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.  The only way to truly accomplish this task is to seek Him first, and compare ourselves only to Christ and not each other.  

The LIE is that my dad doesn’t love me as much as my sister.  The TRUTH is that my dad was being sensitive to a need in my younger sister’s life.  It was a need I didn’t have.  My dad knows that my precious husband supplies all my provisional needs and my heavenly father supplies all the rest.  My dad doesn’t have to worry about me.  He was called to meet a need in her life and that doesn’t take anything away from his love for me. 

The LIE is that my gifts and talents aren’t good enough.  The TRUTH is that God has blessed me with an anointed and blessed calling.  He has also blessed me with my sweet and anointed friend who is using her gifts to further the gospel.  She is a light and an encouragement in my life.  Our gifting is slightly different and that’s okay because we are uniquely equipped to fulfill the destiny God created for us on this planet.   

The LIE is that I am not good enough.  The TRUTH is that I am good enough.  The Potter created a pot with the exact purpose that is required for His plan.  It’s a unique, one of a kind, creation that has a distinct purpose to fulfill.  The TRUTH is that God loves me just as I am….AND too much to leave me there.  The TRUTH is that God loves YOU just as you are….AND too much to leave YOU there as well.  We will continue to be molded by the Potter throughout our journey on this earth.

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