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Speaking in Pencil - A Guest Blog by Melissa Driggers

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Speaking in Pencil 

Melissa Driggers 

She called me today, heartbroken.  Words had been spoken – cruel ones. The kind that leaves a wound, then a bruise, and then a scar that remains to maliciously remind. These words had wounded a loved one, and I was overcome with conviction and repentance when she shared her deepest ache through sobs of pain at the effect of the soul-crushing comments.   

You might be thinking that she is the grieving recipient.  She isn’t.  She is the grieving deliverer.  Her cries were so gut-deep that I could barely understand her.                                                    

“Oh Melissa, I hurt the one I love so badly.  How do I fix this?”  

My heart aches for her.  And for the one she loves.  And for me.  Because I have been that person.  I am that person.  While there is a population out there that would boldly proclaim that I have spoken encouraging words over them, there is yet another population (hopefully much smaller) that can describe the painful marks left on their hearts by my ruthless words.  And usually to the ones I love the most.  I don’t even like to think about it.   

Even with the most sincere of apologies offered, and even with the truest of repentant hearts, the memory lingers in the heart of the wounded.  The scar is left to remind, and from that point forward it becomes a battle within that the wounded must fight when someone or something unknowingly opens that scar.    

We write on the heart-slate of one another.  We can trample a heart with  




He entrusts us with words.  His words.  Words to edify, exhort, and encourage one another.  Words to build up, inspire, and to lead with humility.  Words to offer hope, comfort, and words to heal.  Words to proclaim the Truth of His love, mercy, and grace.  Yet with the same mouth that we share His words, we shoot sharp darts that can brutally pierce the heart of another. 

Sometimes, too many times, I wish I could speak in pencil.  That eraser would be so handy.  As the magical word-remover leaves its evidence of black flecks where punishing words once were, we could point to the dust and show the unlucky recipient the proof that the word was no longer there.  

"See, look, I didn’t mean it.  It’s gone!  We can just forget this ever happened..."   

If only.  Unfortunately, indelible ink doesn’t have a handy little eraser. 

I have some good news, though.

As powerful as our words spoken may seem to be, they are powerless in the presence of the God of the Redeemed.  For harsh words spoken, as we repent, there is grace (oh, so much grace) and forgiveness to cover the sin.  Period.  Done.  

As powerful as painful words received may seem to be, they are powerless in the presence of the God of healing and restoration.   No wound is too deep for Him to touch and to heal.  With faith, prayer, time, and forgiveness, God can and will heal a wounded heart.    

May we be reminded today, to pray His words: 

May the words of my mouth and this meditation 

of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, 

my Rock and my Redeemer.

(Psalm 19:14)

Would you join me in taking some time to listen to this song as you pray and dedicate your words to Him today? 

(Shane & Shane, "May The Words of My Mouth")

About Me:  Reminded daily that I’m being chased by the One I pursue. Cancer survivor,  encourager, teacher, speaker, blogger, writer.  Passionate about relationships, coffee, books, my kids (who are “technically” canine but they think they are human), and cooking for the people I love.  
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  1. Thank you Melissa. Your words today touched my heart and reminded me of the many times over the course of my life this tongue of mine has spewed out words of hurt. So often as soon as I spoke them I knew, they were so wrong but it was to late to take them back! I thank God for His forgiveness and the ones I have hurt! Your words today have now entered my heart in a whole new light. Truly praying that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart truly be pleasing in His sight each and everyday! Thank you again for such a loving reminder!

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you!

  3. wow, i needed this today

  4. Anonymous, I'm so happy that the Lord encouraged you today. My friend, you are in good company - often I hear myself speak and by the time my heart catches up to my mouth ... the words are already out there. I need to buy my erasers in bulk. :) Isn't it wonderful to know that His grace covers it all? May the Lord richly bless you today!

  5. Natalie, yes, His grace is indeed beautiful! May you feel His presence wrapped around you today!

  6. Christiangirl22,

    Isn't He so faithful to share Himself with us in just the right way at just the right time? Please know that the encouragement today is His word to you, and that He loves you so very much that he pours out grace upon grace upon grace over you as you seek Him in all things. I know that I personally need this reminder every day and am so thankful that His love and grace and faithfulness to us never runs out. He is an awesome God!

  7. I am a man but somehow stumbled across this blog. I know now that it wasn't an accident, but divine intervention.

    1. Michael, we are so happy to meet you. May the Lord richly bless you today!


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