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An Interview with Mary DeMuth by @Lori_Kennedy #NotMarked

I recently had the pleasure to connect with author Mary DeMuth. In addition to publishing 14 books including 6 novels with publishers such as Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, Tydale, NavPress, and Harvest House Publishers, she and her husband also planted a church in Southern France. She likes to say she suffered for Jesus on the Riviera. Mary is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has a heart for healing to those that have been wounded in this way. We spoke about her newest project, a book called "Not Marked." This book is too “risky” for mainstream Christian publishing so Mary has set out to make it happen through a fundraising platform called Indiegogo. I asked Mary a few questions about her healing journey and here is what she told me.
1. I’ve come to realize that healing is truly a journey. Mary, what do you see are the differences between what He’s showing you now in your healing journey versus 5 or 10 years ago?

I am just so much happier than I was ten years ago. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I’m less insecure, which has ramifications in the healing journey. I’m more willing to talk out my pain than I was, particularly ten years ago. I’m learning that I’m loved by God. You’d think I’d have that down by now, but it’s a constant struggle. The thing God is doing in my life right now is showing me that I’m worthy of His love, His fatherly affection, His kindness.

2. Along this same vein, what are some thought patterns that you used to struggle with that you have successfully overcome with God’s help?

I still struggle, but I’m learning to take those thoughts captive. I am guilty of catastrophic thinking. If one bad thing happens, I tend to wallow that the whole world is falling apart.  I now realize I do this (which is part of the solution), so I try to remind myself that one bad thing doesn’t taint an entire day. When you’re sexually abused, you can tend to think it’s okay to be used. I’m learning to put my foot down when someone tries to step over that line and then NOT feel guilty about doing it later. I better recognize predatory tendencies in others. I have more hope. 

3. What are some thoughts that you still struggle with and how do you overcome them when they crop up?

Those mean voices in my head that say things like, “Why would anyone want to help you publish a book? Who are you? You’re not worth helping. You’re this.  You’re that.”  Ouch.  Just typing them makes me a bit crazy. I can’t seem to fully eradicate this angry-mean voice! 
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4. Mary, please tell us what is unique about "Not Marked."  

It’s a sexual abuse recovery book written by a sexual abuse survivor, not a clinician, and it includes my husband’s perspective as someone who loves a sexual abuse victim.

5. What is the structure of this book, and how will it best be used?  For example, should it be done as a group study or one on one, alone with God?

It can be both. I take readers through my journey, share what has helped, with each chapter focusing on an aspect of healing. If we fund "Not Marked," one of the stretch goals (for further funding) is to create a study for small group  and possibly (if funded) my husband and I teaching a video study.

6. I would love to let our readers know how we can pray for you, how to best connect with you and your ministry, and what God is doing in and through you.

Please pray for my heart during this 30-day process. It swings wildly from anticipation to despair! Pray that the right folks will connect with the project. Pray for funding. The best place for folks to get to know me better is my website: I have a free eBook for subscribers on the blog page called 12 Steps to Impossible Joy that’ll help folks move beyond pain toward the joyful life they’ve always wanted.


Oh, how I feel that we are kindred spirits, and it emboldens my heart to hear of her courageous journey! I am honored to be part of the project "Not Marked" in a small way.  You can also be part of this project to help get out this book, which gives hope and healing to those with this type of wounding. Her goal is $10,000 by September 25th; however, any overage will go toward including an additional workbook and video series for a Bible study.  Please pray about how you can support these efforts and visit the following link for more information.

Lori Kennedy
Alpha Omega Ministries


  1. Thank you for hosting me here. Lovely website!

    1. Mary, Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in getting this message shared. What a blessing!

      In Him and For Him,

  2. We are honored to connect with you Mary and I'm personally a great fan of how God is using you in my life and the lives of others that have been wounded this way.


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