Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get to know the #AWAKEN2013 Artists/Speakers here!

Leading up to AWAKEN, our 1-Day Conference for women of ALL ages (pre-teens on up!), we wanted to give you a chance to get to know the artists and speakers who will lead that day. We will highlight these on Thursdays leading up to November 9 and will also offer other info here as well. We are so excited about this special 6th Annual AWAKEN Conference and we want to include YOU in on that excitement!

First Up, Meet Lisa Easton! 

Lisa will lead us in our times of worship through music, along with her amazing band!

As the youngest of six kids, and the daughter of a preacher, Lisa Easton found her love for music very early on. Having come from a musical family (where everyone sings and plays an instrument) it was inevitable that she would follow in the footsteps of her older siblings. As Lisa grew up, she realized God had given her something very special... a voice to sing. At the age of 4, Lisa began quietly exploring her voice, by listening to her older sisters' practice, while forming harmony parts in her head. By the age of 8, she knew there was something special about her ability to hear parts and sing on perfect pitch.

In her late teens, Lisa began doing voice-overs, jingles and radio commercials. She was recognized as a major voice-over and singing talent. Lisa supported the promotion and advertisement of many reputable companies and events. As a result of having a fresh voice that stood out, Lisa was highly recommended in the industry.

As Lisa continued pursuing a musical career; she had the incredible experience of meeting one of music's greatest singers, producers, and song writers, Wyclef-Jean. He described her voice as one of the greatest in the industry today and told Lisa that: "she had the voice of an angel".

Lisa has been featured on various albums and is proud to have released her solo, debut album "Last Cry" in September of 2011. This album was written and inspired by Lisa's journey through life. She invites us into her experiences through the diverse melodies and lyrical intention. Not only does this album offer hope to women and girls (that experience various struggles), it covers musical styles that appeal to everyone. 

As God often does, he used some difficult times in Lisa's life to grab her attention. She began seeking out the heart of God and working through wounds of the past. Through much prayer to find healing and forgiveness for the things she experienced, Lisa felt called to ministry. She has specifically felt a greater call to lead people into the presence of God through worship. She is now working with women to find forgiveness and healing in their lives. Lisa counsels hurting women. She also founded a non-profit organization in 2010 called Women Who Walk. This organization's primary purpose is to support and walk with women and children in need.

For the past eight years, Lisa has been a worship leader at her church. She continues to receive invitations to lead worship at churches, conferences, and retreats. Lisa is now married and has four beautiful children of whom she is most proud.

Lisa's voice speaks for itself, but there is something much greater. That something is the gift God has given her, to minister and lead people into his presence, through worship. Lisa often says I don't just want to be another voice. There is a special anointing on Lisa to capture the hearts of people (as she leans into God's promptings) through the Holy Spirit. Lisa is simply a vessel that allows God to move in all of his awesome power.

Although there are many great voices, there is a calling that rests on Lisa Easton. Lives are radically changed when she sings and ministers. Lisa is a champion in worship leading. God has moved her into this season to renew hearts all over the world through worship. Lisa believes we should worship God as if he were standing right in front of us. This is the passion behind her worship.

All of the events of Lisa's life have led her to desire (more than ever) God's presence. She will use her life to minister to people all over the world as God allows. The confirmations of her childhood dreams and anticipations have been numerous throughout her life. She is now walking a path strategically paved for her.

Her journey has just begun.........

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