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She's Outta Control! - Guest Post by @JennySulpizio

She’s Outta Control! 
An excerpt from "Confessions of a 
Wonder Woman Wannabe” 
By Jenny Lee Sulpizio 

A few weeks before my husband and I were set to be married, and as I was in the final stages of preparing our wedding plans, I came up with what I thought to be a fabulous idea - to send out itineraries to each of the attendants who made up our wedding party.  It was a schedule of sorts, complete with the times and places they needed to be on our big day.  Basically, with the information I was providing, everyone would know the who, what, when, where, and why during the eighteen-plus hours that would transpire over the course of this special event.  

I thought I was being helpful, not controlling.

That was until one of our groomsmen emailed my hubby-to-be to ask him if there was a moment during the day in which he might be able to take a potty break. He didn’t see a spot on the itinerary for one and was hoping I could make an allowance in the schedule “in case he had to go.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, but that’s when it hit me that maybe, just maybe, I had a bit of a control issue. Okay!  I’ll fess up and claim that throughout most of my life I’ve been what others commonly refer to as a “control freak,” whether I’ve intended to be one or not.  As a Christian, I know better, but as a Wonder Woman Wannabe, who’s in charge of planning meals, appointments, activities, and schedules throughout the day for her family, being somewhat controlling often seems necessary, doesn’t it?  

But I’m not in control (nor have I ever been).  

None of us are. 

As scary as that might sound, there’s also a reassuring sense of freedom knowing that we’re not in charge, that we’re never alone, and that the peace we seek to secure by attempting to control the environment around us just doesn’t exist.  You see, our inner peace can’t come from a clean home, an organized closet, or even a completed load of laundry.  It doesn’t come from watching a television show, buying a new pair of shoes, or eating a delicious meal either. 

Nope.  Inner peace originates from the Lord above, Jesus Christ, Himself. 

So, as hard as it might be to dismiss our issues with control, every Wonder Woman Wannabe must learn to surrender to the One who created us, the One who knows us even better than we know ourselves.  Our identity resides in Him, Girls . . . not in the broom, the mop, the disinfectant spray, or the vacuum.  Your identity isn’t even in the children you raise or the husband you accompany.  

Your identity is in Him and Him only. 

Girls, we weren’t meant to do this job alone.  God did not create mankind in His image just to cast us aside, only to meet us on the flipside, when our lives came to pass.  God breathed life into every single one of us, and in return He asks that we obediently submit to whatever His will might be for our lives. 

So maybe it’s finally time we lose control, or our issues with it at least, and start stepping out in our faith instead.  


Author Bio:  Jenny Lee Sulpizio is a wife and mother of three, who enjoys writing about anything and everything under the sun, but especially loves to instruct, motivate, and guide other moms with practical advice, tips, and a whole lot of comic relief in the process.  Jenny is a contributing writer for The MOB Society and Moms Together and is the author of the recently released guide for all mamas titled, “Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe:  On a Mission to Save Sanity, One Mom at a Time.” 

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