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6 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have ~ Guest post from Best-Selling Author @ValorieBurton

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6 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have 
Valorie Burton
Do you rely on just one good friend? What would it take to nurture a few more close friendships? Why do you think some women are competitive with other women, but not the men? What can you do to put other women at ease and facilitate more authentic connections with women in your circle of influence?  
I want to share a special conversation starter with you from my latest book Happy Women Live Better: 13 Ways to Trigger Your Happiness Every Day. See the six specific types of friends every woman should have and spark up a conversation with your closest girlfriends this week to discuss what type of friend you may be.  
Points to Ponder

·         Studies show that it is a good idea to have several types of friends rather than relying on one or two to meet all of your needs.

·         Statistically speaking, your relationship with your girlfriends will likely outlast your marriage, your parents and your co-workers.  
  • One study showed that when fewer than 15% of the women in a firm were in positions of power, the women were competitive and backstabbing with each other. But when women represented more than 15% of the powerful positions, women were collaborative. 
Do you have the right mix of friends?
Not every friend can meet every need. Some will meet more than one need, but few can do it all! Here are six types of friends every woman needs:
The Wise Friend.
You can count on them to talk you out of doing something you'd regret, help you solve your latest dilemma, and give all-around sound advice about just about anything.
The Fun Friend.
Want to have a good time, be adventurous, or laugh 'til your stomach hurts? You can always count on this one.
The Travel Buddy.
Drama-free, this friend is adaptable, maybe even adventurous, and loves to see the world.
The Relationship Coach.
Transparent, real and willing to listen, this friend has figured a few things out in the love department and genuinely wants to see you happy when it comes to romance.
The Career Comrade.
You share a similar background and goals in your work life, and encourage each other to higher professional success.
The Accountability Partner.
To maximize your potential, this is your go-to pal to help keep you on track.
Now, let's turn the tables. Think of your four closest friends. Which type of friend are you to each of them?

This post is an excerpt from my latest book, Happy Women Live Better: 13 Ways to Trigger Your Happiness Every Day. Discover your happiness triggers for FREE at and order your copy of Happy Women Live Better at:

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