Friday, January 3, 2014

Fruit that Yields - by Debra Courtney

Photo by Amelia Grace Photography

Weak people seek revenge!
Strong people forgive!
Intelligent people ignore!

Sometimes, before we can deal with our eternal enemy and put his evil decisiveness under our feet, me might have to repent. Owning where we are wrong and accurately judging ourselves is an act that takes us into the best things God has for us.

Uhh! I know you probably didn’t want to hear that.
Here’s a trap: “all or nothing” thinking. Suppose you are mostly right and the other person is mostly wrong? What if you are 50% at fault but they are 50% at fault? Can you do a 50% of repentance and reconciliation? No.
But you can take 100% responsibility for your 50%….and this often releases the GRACE on the other person to own their 50%.
This isn’t easy. Have you ever got into a fight where you wanted to keep at it? The hardest thing to do is to stop and disengage! If your personality is that of a verbal processer of persuading and influencing others, something inside you wants to talk, text or tweet your way into victory! But it never works. You can’t ever kill off a spirit of offence by talking, texting, or tweeting it. The wise King in Proverbs has a lot to say about how we use WORDS. Remember - life or death in the power of the tongue! Ignore the enemy. 
Have you ever encountered a spirit of offence attached to a person? If so, you are in for a season of never ending verbal volleyball. The spirit of offence never lets up.  
However, what you can do (if you so choose) is to ignore the situation. Bide your time. David ignored the deeds of those who conspired against him…..but told his son Solomon that he needed to deal with those specific troublemakers if his administration was going to succeed. Think of yourself as a combined David/Solomon. David is the guy that screwed up and gave the enemy an opportunity to injure the monarchy. Solomon is the “wisdom” that came out of that screw up (talking about Bathsheba.) Once you get wisdom (often from the consequences of your bad decisions), God gives you a season to deal with your enemies and uproot them. Solomon had to take care of a lot of unfinished business by his father David. Remember, we get to make our choices, but we do not get to choose our consequences. Been there and got the T-shirt myself!
“…Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. I’ll do the judging, says God. I’ll take care of it.” Rom. 12:19 MSG. We can only surrender and let the Spirit of truth living inside us deal with the offences and the offender. We can’t do it in and of ourselves. However, there is always the prospect that God will take matters into His own hands and overcome evil by visiting it with an ax. Isn’t that the point Jesus made about the unfruitful tree?
Jesus taught that an unfruitful tree may have a delayed execution, but, if it persists in its unfruitful state, it will be uprooted. What if God does that with the areas of our lives? He “digs around us (the tree)” so to speak, but after a while, if things don’t surrender or yield to the master, He uproots it. We must water our roots with the WORD before the tree grows!
May we have deep roots in the reality of who we are and whose we are. That we not only love much but love well. Love appropriately in sincerity and intellect.  Being bountiful in fruits from the soul; making Jesus Christ attractive to all with whom we will encounter this year.

Be fruitful.

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