Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Press On" ~ A Guest Post by Cynthia Giles

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Philippians 3:14
“I press on to reach the end of the race and 
receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.”
The words “press on” show similarity to someone who runs in a race. \ During the race, the athlete is beyond exhausted. Nevertheless, athletes press on because they know the value in crossing the finish line.
Athletes compete in a physical race but everyone runs the race of life.  The race of life is jam packed with hurdles to jump over:  Emotional pain, sickness, a job loss, grief, etc.  We have to press on and persevere through the difficulties.
I recall personal hurdles as the Lord affirms a truth to me:  “Cynthia, you are where you are today because you pressed in.  My beloved, you pressed into my presence.  You connected with me when life felt heavy and unbearable.  You never gave up.  Something shifted and you understand the value of moving forward.”
Pressing into God's presence equips you to press on.  It’s all connected.  I called on God’s name when I was hurting and worked hard during emotional challenges.  I felt like giving up, but God sustained me.  I made a choice to move forward and pressed on to the prize in the personal race of life.
Pressing on while moving past the past and pressing into the Lord’s presence strengthened my faith to take risks and go for my dreams.  Weigh a “painful past” and “hope for a future” on the balancing scale of life, and the hope for a future wins every time.
Why does it win?  Technically, you have no control over your past.  It’s done.  It’s finished.
The future is incomplete.  The future is a blank canvas of exploration.  Create, imagine, and have a vision.  Make it miraculous.
Even if it takes years, press on in the race of life because you never know what’s on the other side of the finish line.  Pressing on is the reason I can perform at various places, intern at Victory 91.5 FM, and celebrate my Bachelor of Science degree.  There’s more to my finish line, because I’m only twenty-four!
Still, the best prize I could ever receive is a relationship with Jesus Christ and connecting with the Lord fills my heart with the promise of Philippians 3:14.
What’s on the other side of your finish line?
If you needed this story today, part of your finish line is being able to tell yours!
You’re made with purpose.  Are you going to press on to find out or give up?
If I quit, I would never experience the new things God is doing in my life.  If I quit, I would never enjoy all of the blessings that require God’s grace and dependence.  I give him the glory.
Press into God's presence and press on in the race of life.  Defeat hurdles, mighty warriors, and don’t give up.  Put hope in God and find hope in your future.

About Cynthia:

Cynthia Giles enjoys writing in all types of genres and styles. Her goal is to honor God by remaining humble and thankful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. She is a published writer and spoken word artist who performs at various events. She holds a bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies, with concentrations in English and Writing from Kennesaw State University. Connect with her on facebook at facebook.com/cynthia.spokenwordartist

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  1. You know why i love us being encouragement buddies? This: "My beloved, you pressed into my presence. You connected with me when life felt heavy and unbearable. You never gave up. Something shifted and you understand the value of moving forward.”

    1. I'm glad we can always encourage one another when we need it!




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