Friday, July 25, 2014

Praying Like a Beggar or a Child? - A Guest Post by Sherri Sand

How often do we shoot spiritual flares of prayer toward heaven the moment our lives take on water like scuttled ships? Too often our prayers lack power because we pray from a place of fear.

Prayer should be a lethal weapon in the hands of a believer; tearing down strongholds, breathing life into dead bones. But too often we plead for our prayers to be answered. That’s the stance of a beggar child rather than a daughter.

What if we truly believed God would never leave us alone and forsaken?

That would be a game changer, wouldn’t it? Instead of shooting prayer toward a distant God in heaven, we turn and have a conversation with the One who adores us. The Friend who is closer than a brother.

Wouldn’t prayer be easier if we knew God’s heart for our challenges? The outcome He wants to achieve? Perhaps instead of going straight to prayer when difficulty arises, we practice declaring His goodness with thanksgiving and praise.

Out loud.

Where the enemy can hear us making a stand. Where we can hear ourselves speaking truth into a difficult circumstance. Where we give our emotions a chance to align themselves with Truth.

Where prayer becomes a relationship instead of a plea.

Where prayer becomes a hunger for more. A hunger for intimacy and connection that leads us to a place of stillness...where we can start listening.

Listening to the One who holds the answers to our every situation.

Or does fear tell us that in the stillness we will hear nothing but our own hearts beating?

Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Perhaps we don’t hear God respond because fear blocks our ears. Fear that we are speaking into a vacuum where our voice echoes back to us.

God waits for us to be still and come to a place of peace. It is in that secret place that He speaks. That understanding comes. Even if it is just: I Am With You.

His voice comes quietly. It may be a word, a thought or a picture that gently floats to mind. Don’t discount what may seem inconsequential. Often he speaks as softly as butterfly wings.

Teaching our hearts to praise him in the midst of difficulty will transform our internal atmosphere into a place of hope and peace, rest and joy. Praise and thankfulness push back the enemy’s lies. It opens up a place for us to listen. To hear God’s voice.

It is from the secret place we pray lethal and effective prayers.

Sherri Sand is an author and speaker. Her unique perspective unlocks truths and biblical mysteries to bring hope to the hurting and peace to the stressed. She desires to lead people into a deeper relationship with God, where living as victorious overcomers becomes the norm rather than an elusive desire. To read her blog and discover more about living in spiritual wholeness and about Sherri’s novel, Leave it to Chance, visit her web site.

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