Friday, September 12, 2014

Trusting When You Cannot See by Cheryl Laurenza

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"When I Am Afraid I Will trust In you." Psalm 56:3 HCSB

As I write this, praying for all who will read it, our world, and my loved ones,  I am keenly aware of so much fear and uncertainty. I'm writing on the eve of 9/11, the backdrop of ISIS and the brutal beheadings, abductions, viciousness and chaos that has erupted. It truly is a difficult time in history.

I want to encourage you friends, look up, He is still on the throne and aware of all that is taking place in the world and your lives. It's so normal and easy to look at the wind and the waves, yet we have a Savior. I love what the Psalmist says, it's so simple, yet powerful: "When I Am Afraid I Will Trust In You." Think about it, we are going to be afraid, it's not a sin, or weakness, it is human and expected. Don't deny it, yet don't allow it to master you. I love what Joyce Meyer says "Do It Afraid." We can take comfort and refuge in Jesus, but keep going. Just the mention of his name brings peace over us in the midst of turmoil. We can be secure regardless, yet we WILL experience normal human emotions.

Take a walk through scripture, or through heroes of the faith in our country's history that have faced great adversity, they were certainly afraid, but accomplished much because they knew God was with them in a very personal way.
Focus on Him dear ones, watch what you allow in, a steady diet of fearful events and news negatively affect us. We need to be informed, but not obsessed with current events. Stay connected to the Head and the body in these times. Look up, our future is secure, our today may be troubled but we are held in His hands.

In His Care,

Cheryl Laurenza, LPC, LCMHC
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