Monday, December 8, 2014

Life Transforming Questions for the Wonderful Counselor by @JenniferOWhite

“For unto us a child is born … and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor…”
Isaiah 9:6

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas is being ushered into my world, so are the words, “Wonderful Counselor.” It’s a sacred echo from God, encouraging me to see Him as my counselor.

What a gift, right? The One who knows everything about me has offered to be my counselor. 

I’ve sought counseling off and on for almost thirty years. Wonderful Christian people have listened to me and offered me their professional advice. I felt safe with them and understood by them. They helped me define some problem areas, but I never found my way beyond them.

That is until God brought a biblical counselor into my life.

She heard my pain and helped me apply the wisdom of God’s Word to it. Suddenly I began to see myself becoming someone new. She helped me find my Sword and showed me how to use it. She helped me to recognize the enemy’s footprints on my heart and in my relationships. She helped me to see God as my shepherd. She introduced me to Immanuel, the Wonderful Counselor who is always with me (Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 9:6).

God revealed Himself to me in those life-changing sessions. 

Today, I hear Him inviting me take advantage of His constant presence and unmatched insight. I don’t have to wait for an appointment or budget the expense. He is always available, always listening, and always offering His supernatural wisdom.

A great counselor helps us to see things from a new perspective by asking us great questions. This often helps us see our role in the situation. Our great God can empower us to ask Him the questions that will help us see where we are getting bogged down.

As we approach the gift of another new year, we can ask the Wonderful Counselor for life-transforming wisdom. The breakthroughs we need are on the other side of those questions. He is ready to help us grasp more of the rich and satisfying life His enemy wants to steal from us. And as we overcome we will become more passionate and effective disciple makers.

Here are three perspective-altering questions to get us started:

1. Where in my life do I need more of Your wisdom? This humble question helps acknowledge we do not have a 365-degree view of our world. Our all-wise God knows what we need long before we do. And He promises to reveal to us the remarkable secrets we need to know about the future when we ask.  (Jeremiah 33:3)

2. Whose advice should I take and whose should I ignore? There are people prepared by God to deliver wise counsel to you. And there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. He will give us discernment when we ask. He has counseled me to look for fruit of His Spirit in their lives and to evaluate how they prioritize His Word.

3. Am I sabotaging success in my life and rejecting the rich blessings You are trying to give me? This is a question He must love to answer. We have seen in His Word that He will literally move heaven and earth to get us to His promised land. He is where our help comes from. He gives us fresh mercy every day. He can renew our minds.

What questions do you have for your Wonderful Counselor? He is ready to help you ask them. He is eager to show you His love in this incredible way. Listen for the sacred echoes of God. He is moving heaven and earth to deliver the answers to you.

Jennifer O. White is the author of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress (February 2015). Check out her Marriage Armor for the #PrayingBride – a daily email or weekly digest with one-sentence marriage prayers from the truths of God’s Word.

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer! Your post ministered to my soul.
    "He is always available, always listening, and always offering His supernatural wisdom." Amen!


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