Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Renew My Mind Part 1 By Debra Courtney

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50 Aha! Sayings That I Have Used for Victory!

1.      A humble person is more secure than a proud person.
2.     Being authentic, intentional & transparent in my own areas help people to do the same.
3.     Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.
4.     Discovery is enjoying doing what you are good at doing. Go do it! E
5.     Expectation in the wrong places will lead you to disappointments.
6.      It’s not about you. It is what you can do for others! This returns abundance back to you.
7.      Living under guilt & condemnation are as waste of time.
8.      If you are unwilling to confront it, you can’t correct it.
9.      Be with people who celebrate you, instead of people who tolerate you.
10.   Asking nothing, schedule a season of nothing. You know 0+0=0
11.    Those that do not respect your time will not respect your wisdom either.
12.   The degree of your surrender determines the level of your transformation.
13.   You can’t do what you don’t believe about yourself. Believe in you!
14.  The reason a person doesn’t receive is because they do not expect anything.
15.   Happiness is a result of choice not chance. Joy is a choice. Choose Joy!
16.   Self-deception causes personal disasters. Wisdom is in the counsel of many.
17.   Transformation comes naturally. Conformation does not.
18.   Live inside out minded. This will bring you abundance living!
19.  When I see myself blessed & walk accordingly, then favor will follow me everywhere I go.
20.  Don’t be limited by barriers of the past. Let’s get going forward.
21.  Pride is a fast fall.
22. Pride appeals to an empty head.
23. Desire appeals to an empty heart.
24. Don’t Look for a career options, look for a life’s work.
25. He who rules his spirit rules the city.
26. Mountains move when you walk in forgiveness.
27.  Being wise in your own eyes robs you.
28. People know their problems. Give them something they don’t know… HOPE!
29. Know what you are saying when you talk, so everybody else will be in the same loop you are.
30. We may choose the way we want to live, but we do not choose the consequences.
31.  The essential quality of our devotion will decide the essential quality of our calling.
32. Having boundaries must become so automatic that we can communicate effectively. Be authentic and intentional with boundaries.
33. If you doubt you do without, if you believe you will receive.
34. Create verbal visuals when you speak, but let the listeners paint the picture.
35. We can’t enjoy life trying to run the universe.
36. Gladness is something that happens to you; joy is something you choose.
37.  We must supply our pails of trials with dreams of expectation.
38. Find what your passion is, then go tell it and do it.
39. Words are our transportation in movement. Make sure people are moved by your words.
40. Concentrate on exploration, discovery, & hope instead on giving advice.
41.  There are words already in your mouth that you can use to change people’s lives.
42. In Hebrew the word “enemy” means to announce the next new season is coming.
43. Your enemy will help you to focus on what you need to do.
44. Encourage others and they will never forget you.
45. It is the knowledge that we choose to obey that brings us the harvest.
46. What’s more important? A healed heart or a bruised body?
47.  POOR is: Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly.
48. HOPE is: Helping Other People Explore.
49. An appealing personality is never forgotten.
50. Touch the heart of a person and the soul will follow.

“…your voice is unique, and it is sweet to God’s ears”
Song of Songs 2:14

Debra’s life goal is to inspire and motivate women globally to become all they have been created and designed to be by using the guiding principles of their Creator’s word in gaining wisdom, understanding their designed-given personality identities & create their purpose!

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