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Renew My Mind Part 2 By Debra Courtney

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 50 Aha! Sayings That I Have Used for Victory!

1.      Self-sufficiency is no prize; it is a trap. If you desire to conquer adversity sacrifice self-reliance.
2.     Victory can be immediate or a process of 40 years.
3.     What part of favor don’t you like?
4.     Fear is what makes your Hell on earth work.
5.     Watch out for pride because servants rise, but stars fall!
6.     Want favor, give favor.
7.     Engage with people into what their own personality is, not out of yours.
8.     The seed that leaves your hand never leaves your life. It goes out into your future and will meet you there with a harvest.
9.     Don’t make your enemy any bigger than what he is. You don’t need tank to kill a mosquito.  
10.  Your thinking determines the perimeters of your life. Get your thinking up!
11.   Don’t take in offenses. Offenses will diminish you to a small thinking.
12.  Don’t come to the fountain of wisdom to swish, come to take a BIG swallow.
13.  Be an encourager – not a problem solver.
14.  When you are talking you are not learning. Have big ears. Listen!
15.  Strive for being consistent than perfection. You will be more joyful.
16.  Selfishness is a path for conflict. Conflict will not get you anywhere.
17.  Don’t let your circumstances define you. You define your circumstances.
18.  Revelations lifts us above my situations. Rise up!
19.  Know the difference between conviction and condemnation.
20. Sow abundantly, to reap bountifully. Reap bountifully then sow abundantly.
21.  Words have manifestation power that go out into our future and brings to us what we said in the past.
22. A career is what you’re paid for; a calling is what you are made for.
23. Mediocrity always attacks excellent. Excellence has no time for mediocrity.
24. Mentorship is wisdom without waiting.
25. Holding anger keeps us from our destiny.
26. When you talk from your heart, you’re most likely to make contact with the hearts of others.
27.  Because of grace, we have access to power, wisdom and guidance, when we ask.
28. To change your future, change your words.
29. Choose to be teachable. It is the greatest place to learn.
30. You’re greatest place of victory will be in an environment of struggle.
31.  Set your own climate! You have the thermostat in your mouth.
32. My goals chose my mentors.
33. FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Be a person of Faith & choose to overcome Anxiety & Fear.
34. If you would rather do all the talking, then don’t plan on a lot of people listening.
35. If you are controlled by circumstance, don’t complain if you permit it.
36. When living in the flow – Harmony, Well-being & Wholeness will occur.
37.  Don’t let your mountain move your faith, let your faith move your mountain.
38. You can never get ahead by getting even.
39. New ideas bring the legal tender. Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!
40. Never stop learning. You will never get to where you know it all.
41.  If your mentorship does not apply to today it is just a history lesson.
42. Stop wanting what you want, but give other what they need & you will get what you need.
43. People won’t really accept you the way you are, until you accept them the way they are.
44. We were created an original not a copy. Go out and be who you were created to be.
45. Short term satisfaction often brings long term consequences.
46. Anger is a motivation vehicle for change.
47.  If you live your life through others, disappoints often follows.
48. Do you want the best answers? Enjoy praying.
49. Multiply your success by sharing & giving.
50. BUSY=B=Being U=Under S=Satan Y=Yoke

“…your voice is unique, and it is sweet to God’s ears”
Song of Songs 2:14

Debra’s life goal is to inspire and motivate women globally to become all they have been created and designed to be by using the guiding principles of their Creator’s word in gaining wisdom, understanding their designed-given personality identities & create their purpose!

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