Monday, May 11, 2015

When You're on the Run… A Guest Post By Cynthia Giles

I love my family. I would not trade my parents for the world. I grew up with loving parents and they bring me so much joy! Although I am grateful for them, I felt troubled by anger from one of my parents as a child and teen. Outbursts of anger left my body feeling like it was shaking from the inside out.

I may have been 7 or 8 when I tried to run away from home. I think it’s funny that I packed my suitcase so poorly. I packed a pair of purple socks and a jar of peanut butter. I'm thankful I made it back home because there's no way little Cynthia would survive on a jar of peanut butter. I could have at least packed jelly and bread!

As I think of this story, I ask myself a few questions:

Where was God when I rushed out the front door? Was God thinking about the silly way my suitcase was packed?

Was God trying to calm my emotions with the assurance of His love?

Was God trying to quiet my restless heart by filling me up with His gentle presence?

I am confident that God was there because fear made me turn around on that street corner and go back home to my parents.

Something in my spirit shifted and God directed me back home. On this rare occasion, I am thankful for that fear.

Ultimately, I think we all share a story of running away.

If we don't run away from home, we start to wrestle with God. If we don't try to “run away from God”, we avoid our problems by submitting to unhealthy hang-ups and habits.

If we don't run from problems, we run away from loving relationships because we fear vulnerability. We run away from being hurt again.

If we don't run from relationships, we run away from our talents because of insecurity or the false belief that we don't measure up.

What are you running from?

No matter what you're running from, God is the expert at showing you the way home. God does the navigation while He operates the compass of our hearts.

Like the prodigal son, He can't wait to wrap you up in His "seventy times seven" love, a love that constantly forgives and never lets you go.

I think we need to trust that even when we're on the run, God has a wondrous story of redemption marked out for us.

Jesus runs with us, pursuing broken hearts and giving us unexplainable shifts in our spirits that prompt us to return home. You can keep running but His love is crazy and passionate. God is jealous for your heart and your entire being. He will never let you go!  He will chase you until you surrender to His touch and melt into His arms. He will carry you home! Invite God back into your life today. Always hold onto hope and while you're hanging on, I'll be over here smothering some jelly on this peanut butter sandwich! :)

Be blessed and accept His love


Cynthia Giles enjoys writing in all types of genres and styles. Her goal is to honor God by remaining humble and thankful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. She is a published writer and spoken word artist who performs at various events. She holds a bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies with concentrations in English and Writing. Learn more by following her page @

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