Monday, March 11, 2013

Why We Need Grace

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Why We Need Grace

Cheryl Laurenza, MA, LPC, NCC

“There is now no condemnation or those who are in Christ Jesus.” Rom.8:1

In thinking about grace, there has been so much said, written, preached etc. that sometimes we lose the incredible, transforming truth that it is. I was watching American Idol a few weeks ago when a young contestant named Angela Miller performed a song she wrote herself called “You Set Me Free." It was interesting that the judges were moved to tears and were astonished by her talent and performance. I believe it was more likely that they heard truth and though perhaps they did not understand it, wanted it, felt the Spirit tug or maybe they had experienced it at one time earlier in life.

Nevertheless, it was about being forgiven, set free, rescued form the bondage that she had been in before, and there was joy and a deep understanding as she sang that love song to her Savior. The singer did not speak of earning it by works, being good enough, or cleaning her act up first, simply  accepting the grace that came when He stepped into her life. I get chills listening to it on YouTube and reminding myself that no matter how long it has been; we have been set free for free!!! That's grace my friend. Walk in it today. Remind yourself often that I stand free, clean, loved, and accepted.

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